<!--:es-->Multi Housing Company signs for Multi Stores!
…Lynd Company Signs for Two Stores at Two of Their Top Properties in the DFW Area!<!--:-->

Multi Housing Company signs for Multi Stores! …Lynd Company Signs for Two Stores at Two of Their Top Properties in the DFW Area!

Shop24 Global announces that Lynd Company signed for two stores at one time to be placed on two locations in the Dallas Metro area. “Timberlinks of Denton” and “Fairways at Wilson Creek” will soon have a new resident, The Hottest Apartment Amenity on the market… a robotic convenience store open 24/7!
Lynd Company is a professional property management company providing quality communities for an enjoyable living experience. They have grown to be one of the nation’s leading apartment providers. Timberlinks of Denton is located just outside the Dallas metro area in Denton, TX. This is an incredible apartment community winding through the manicured fairways of a scenic 9-hole golf course. Timberlinks at Denton Apartment Homes is a premiere choice for upscale living. Located in a quiet country setting in Denton, Texas, just minutes from the educational opportunities at the University of North Texas and Texas Woman’s University campuses, this garden-style community is the perfect place to call home! Fairways at Wilson Creek also located just outside the Dallas metro area is located in McKinney, TX. This apartment community is McKinney’s exclusive gated home community, winding through and around a beautiful year-round 18-hole golf course. Their garden style apartments are generously spaced apart, and many have gorgeous, unobstructed views of their manicured fairways and greens. Exclusive resident golf club memberships are available. They are close to fine shopping, dining, sports, entertainment and 10 minutes from charming old town McKinney with its American and European flavors.
The Shop24 ultra convenience store is a self-contained, refrigerated and robotic convenience store designed to enable 24/7/365 consumer purchasing, and only takes up 140 square feet of space! It can be placed inside or out! Originally operated in Europe and the east coast of the United States, Shop24 brings an innovative idea to ultra-convenience, dispensing a variety of items such as snacks, cleaning supplies, medicine and even full meals closer for the customer and in a fraction of the time it takes to go to and shop at a traditional convenience store. The over nine-foot-tall machine offers up to 200 traditional convenience-store items ranging in weight from less than 1 ounce to 8 pounds. Shop24 accepts different methods of payment including cash, credit cards, debit cards, meal and flex program cards as well as supplemental nutrition assistance program (SNAP) cards 24 hours a day.
“What I look forward to the most is Shop24 being a time and gas saver for our residents. This property is great because it is relatively remote and quiet, but with that comes limited retail options at your fingertips,” says Jackie Smith, Timberlinks Manager. “This new amenity will help us retain our existing residents and keep a high demand for new ones,” Smith continues.
“We are really looking forward to having a shop 24 store here at Fairways at Wilson Creek. It will be such an amazing amenity for all my residents,” says David Wren, Fairways Manager. “What I appreciate is the fact that Shop24 is willing to poll the residents to see what types of items they would like in the store. Shop 24 is going to give me a huge leg up on the competition,» Wren continues.
Experts say there is a huge market for this type of ultra-convenience store and it is the wave of the future for the convenience store shopping experience, with the added safety of not having to leave the apartment complex! These stores even create the need for more jobs with the addition of delivery drivers, distributions centers, and managers. Shop24 does not discount the need for grocery and convenience stores, but knows that consumers want to have their purchases quickly and safely in this fast paced world.
“We are extremely proud to be announcing the placement of two stores to one incredible company as Lynd, as well as helping their residents and families to have many of their favorite items closer and faster than ever before! It’s been a true joy in working with a company that really puts its residents first!” Says Mike Weigel, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of Shop 24 Global.