<!--:es-->Murano Cross Cabriolet – Irresistible Convertible for any day<!--:-->

Murano Cross Cabriolet – Irresistible Convertible for any day

Krystle Yvonne Smart
Auto Avenida- El Lider USA

Convertibles are meant to be spacious in my opinion; many would like the option to
have a spacious convertible with a soft top that comes down, and not a cramped, not
enough room convertible that cost thousands more, that spends more gas and is a magnet
for getting pulled over.

The new 2011 Nissan Murano Cross Cabriolet is advancing in the Industry with top of
the line features, this premium luxury crossover convertible is surely paving the way for
the new generation, loaded with all new technology and up high lifted modern design on
20 inches wheels and still keeping its sophisticated class look, and complementing any
drive with the roomiest space and comfort with endless features it provides.

The V6 engine is amazing delivering 265 horsepower that’s enough to feel empowered
and make any one that is driving look and feel smart, and sexy.

I love the premium Bose Audio system that makes the music feel intense, with beautiful
spectacular quilted leather seats and wood trim that matches with seat heating options and
Dual Climate control and Bluetooth connectivity.

Nissan designers have delivered to the point with superior design and capability
in all new 2011 Cross-Cabriolet. I also appreciate the large doors giving better
accessibility, considering it is only a two door. The back is super spacious with plenty
of leg room to stretch and just enjoy.

Luxury is ever present in the wood grain and leather seats, service and utility including
two centered cup holders for back passengers.

The combination of the Cross over that masters the road with all capabilities, and the
excitement of a convertible with the option to ride with the top down is «thrilling» Oh

The Cross-Cabriolet has a 3.5 Liter V-6 paired with a variable automotive transmission it
gets an estimated 17-22 MPG in city or highway driving and requires premium gasoline.
With a lot of luxury and tech features like all wheel drive, and four wheel disc anti
locking brakes and electronic stability system with traction control.

Safety features include active roll bars that deploy if the car tips on its side, and 6
airbags including side curtains that deploy from the doors, unfortunately these do
not protect the rear passengers as efficiently.

The cargo space and trunk is big enough and is comparable to other convertible trunks in
space, the Cross Cabriolet has sense of style and grace

Well Done Nissan – The Cross Cabriolet Convertible it’s one of its kind.