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…Texas Drivers Are Being Ripped Off
By Not Following This Simple Rule<!--:-->

New rule in Texas …Texas Drivers Are Being Ripped Off By Not Following This Simple Rule

This is the rule your car insurance agent doesn’t want you to know! Here’s the deal – If you are currently insured, drive less than 35 miles/day and live in Texas you can get an extremely high discount. Did you know that? Or DUI’s… if you have no DUI’s, you can get even more discounts. But do you think your auto insurance company will tell you that? Fat chance. Out of the 100’s of insurers out there, only a handful will give you really big discounts. But they ARE out there, and they WANT to insure you – you just can’t find each other.

Out-fox your insurance company and save $100’s of your auto insurance rates

Here’s the plain truth – our website visitors save tons of money.
Over 2 Million US Drivers have trusted Comparisons.org to get significant insurance discounts. Want to cut your rates by 30%? 40%? Maybe 50%? How do you do it? Simple: Follow the easy instructions on this page to find the «hidden gem» insurance companies out there who offer super rates on great coverage – coverage and rates based on YOUR driving habits and driving record.
Most insurance companies in Texas get customers locked into a policy and keep them for life. However, with the Comparisons.org engine you can easily outsmart the insurers by getting a new insurance policy once a year (after comparing quotes and getting that competitive advantage back!).
Look, you’ve seen those tons of commercials for different car insurance companies, right? They ALL say they can save you big money if you switch to them.
Errr… that doesn’t work. The truth is, they ALL can’t save EVERYONE money. That’s just common sense.
What DOES work, however, is certain car insurance companies (remember, there are hundreds) CAN give you HUGE SAVINGS based on your driving habits and driving record.
To give you a quick snapshot, you may be eligible for BIG discounts if you meet any (or all) of the following criteria:
You drive less than 35 miles per day.
You haven’t been in any car accidents over the last 12 months.
You’ve never received a DWI/DUI.
You haven’t been speeding recently (meaning having no speeding tickets over the last six months.)
You can say that you park your car in a garage.
Here’s another brutally honest truth – if you are like most people, you probably didn’t compare many insurance companies. You probably just used someone local, or maybe one of the big advertisers. And hey, that’s ok. We all do it.
But the reality is this: if you don’t compare at least (at least!) 5 insurers before making your decision, you’re almost certainly overpaying. Perhaps by a LOT! Did you get rates from 5 insurers? No? Then you are probably in the millions who are overpaying.
Now let’s answer the big question: How do you know which auto insurer (again, there are hundreds) will give you the biggest discount? There’s really only one way: COMPARE THEM (which is what you can do right here.)
Gee… could you use an extra $100…$200…$500?? For maybe five minutes worth of work?
The above is why our car insurance comparison service has become so popular. By taking five minutes and entering in your driving history and details, you’ll receive numerous FREE quotes from multiple insurers, all who want your business and, because they know you’re using comparisons.org, will offer you their best deal right away. It’s the ultimate win-win.
Get the right policy and the right rate for YOU… and walk away with some extra cash (like maybe $100’s extra!!)