“Nine-year-old Boy Charged With Sexual Assault”

Boy Charged

Should every woman who alleges she has been sexually assaulted, raped or groped today, yesterday, 35 or a hundred years ago be believed just because they say they were “groped, assaulted or raped?”
A white woman in Brooklyn, New York, called the NYPD to file a complaint that a little 9-year-old black boy had groped her backside while she was in a grocery store line. A camera phone caught her calling the NYPD and surveillance video from a store camera absolutely proved she was not telling the truth. The black boy did not grope her. He bumped into her with his back pack.
Would that woman have made the complaint to police if the boy had been white? We’ll never know.
Unfortunately, however, white women have made uncountable similar false complaints against male blacks for decades going back to the 1800s.
The Brett Kavanaugh situation was different because he wasn’t black. It is historically normal for white women to make complaints against black boys and men but to have her charge a white man made the case highly unusual.
The 66-year-old case of a dead 14-year-old boy – Emmet Till – is the classic and quintessential case of a white woman charging a black male with sexual something-or-another that resulted in the boy being killed by white men.
He was tracked down and killed because a white woman told her white husband that the boy grabbed her, asked her for a date and then whistled at her as he walked away. When the woman told her husband this story, he and another man, found Till, kidnapped him and killed him after torturing and beating him so badly the country was shocked when his mother in Chicago left his casket open so it could see the physical pulp the beatings left him.
But the worst case of false sexual charges against blacks – one that didn’t result in death of the alleged black rapist/assaulter/ groper – was the “Brownsville Incident” of 1906.
Secretary of War and future U.S. President William Howard Taft ordered the dishonorable discharge of an entire “Buffalo Soldier” all-Black U.S. Army company. It was Company D, First Battalion, 25th Infantry – Colored. President Teddy Roosevelt ordered Secretary Taft to discharge the company. (Modern infantry companies have over 200 soldiers).
Reason: None of the Black soldiers admitted to the charge nor did any say they knew who did it.
A white woman charged a black soldier with assaulting her and attempting to rape her the day after Company D arrived in town to be garrisoned at Ft. Brown, outside the town of Brownsville, Texas. The black soldiers were questioned extensively by white Army officers but couldn’t find anyone who knew anything about the alleged incident, no one. Not even white people said anything other than the alleged victim, a white woman.
As in the history of white women charging Black men falsely for alleged sexual advances, rapes and gropes, the event she charged apparently didn’t happen.
It took 66 years but the United States Army admitted it had made a mistake and reversed the hundreds of dishonorable discharges and paid the solitary surviving Black soldier – Dorsie w. Willis — $25,000.
And now, a nine-year-old black boy is charged by an adult white woman with sexual assault. Proof? None. Evidence in a surveillance video proves beyond doubt that her charge was false. The boy is lucky. Not all falsely charge men and boys, especially Black men and boys — have video proving their innocence.
Ask Supreme Court Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh.