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DFW Sports MIX
Publicado el 02-21-2012


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Don Arnick

What a difference two days make in Fort Worth for TCU. Day one, the Big 12 announced the 2012 football season. TCU's first year in the conference is stirring up anticipation for fall as they face old Southwest Conference foes and regular Big 12 teams in pivital games. And that includes TCU facing Texas on Thanksgiving, which is a good way to finish off Thankgiving no matter how good or bad the Cowboys game goes before it. Many folks wanted this match up for a long time as TCU, the kid that went away from the SWC and has got really good against the old school team that feels like they still rule it in Texas in the category of college football.
Day two is news that no campus in America does not want to hear. Fort Worth police pick up 18 students in a drug ring that involves maraijuna, cocaine, and other controlled drugs. And 4 members of the TCU football team was picked up in the sweep. So much for campus innocence lost when that happened. Some folks say that drugs at TCU was prevelent for years, and this drug bust has brought it to light. If you gonna blame Coach Gary Patterson for this, let it be known that the moment someone told him about a drug problem at TCU this year, he got all his football players to take a drug test. 5 players flunked it. So the drug problem does exist, but the sad news about this is how are you going to sell TCU to future recruits who want to play sports at the school. This drug bust incident will be in the back of high school players and parents heads when they help with the decision on what school to go to. This reminds me of what SMU when through with the recruiting scandal, and the death penalty the NCAA slapped on the school. TCU is a good school, and they will shake this off and move on with business as usual. The kids involved has been expelled from school, and maybe a closer eye on what goes on behind the scenes is needed. This bad incident may have stoked the excitment of the upcoming football season for the Horned Frogs, but not for long.
More college school conference movement to tell you about, eventhough the football season is months away. West ...
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