“Poor Mexico, so close to AMLO, so far from God”


Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) is pushing and pulling modern Mexico away from free enterprise and a hundred years of a rough and tough search for “Land and Liberty” — “Tierra y Libertad.”
Where to, you ask, where is Lopez Obrador trying to drag 125-million Mexicans to?
To a state of being we see in Venezuela. Venezuela where a gourmet meal for an average Venezuelan is found in garbage dumps. Where millions of Venezuelans have voted with their feet and left for Colombia, the U.S. and Canada.
Or is it to Cuba where workers earn an average of $20 a month if they are fortunate enough to have a job? Cuba, where the secret police take you away from your home and you are never seen again.
AMLO has declared peace with the mighty criminal drug cartels that rule large swaths of Mexican territory. AMLO surrendered his entire administration and, psychologically the nation, to the family of the infamous Colorado-imprisoned “El Chapo.”
He publicly and warmly greeted “El Chapo’s” aging mother in front of TV cameras and ordered security forces to release the drug-empire running son of “El Chapo” from custody. He says he did it to avoid a blood bath that he expected if cartel “soldiers” attacked government forces in an effort to free their boss.
Maybe he is right, maybe he is wrong. But in any event, Mexico suffered. AMLO is working hard to destroy free enterprise in Mexico and to extinguish freedom by constantly attacking the Mexican media.
His outright theft of a promising new oil field being developed by private and foreign interests under Mexico’s 2014 law that allows foreign companies to participate in energy production, mimics the 1938 oil expropriation of his idol, uber-leftist President Lazaro Cardenas.
His announcement that the government will organize a new national natural gas company to “lower” costs to Mexicans of the product most of the nation uses for cooking and heating, demonstrates and manifests a new order AMLO is trying to impose on Mexico.
AMLO’s catechism? Businesses owned by the government. In a word, socialism, socialism that simply never works, especially in a middle-class country like Mexico.
He attacks the middle class because it abandoned him in the June 6 national election.
He attacks private investment in energy by refusing to certify private investment in energy production ready to produce cheap electricity.
He appointed an uber-corrupt PRI (former and very corrupt political ruling party) dinosaur, Manuel Bartlett, an 85-year-old political hack as boss of the national electricity commission and backs the old fool in attempting to destroy private energy and to reimpose the traditional government monopoly. When appointed, Bartlett, the former governor of the powerful state of Puebla conveniently forgot to list on his financial statement 28 different residences scattered around Mexico that he owns.
When the Mexican press published the fact that Bartlett’s son has been banned from doing business with the Mexican government for cheating on federal contracts, President AMLO criticized the press for reporting this huge development as an attack on the President. That, despite the fact it was AMLO’s own government that banned Bartlett Junior from doing business with the federal government.
When the President was challenged by internationally-known journalist Jorge Ramos of America’s Univision at a daily morning news conference AMLO dances through every weekday morning, what he calls his “Mananera,” AMLO threw a fit.
Ramos, quoting numbers and statistics from the federal government’s own website, challenged the President with those statistics and how could the President make positive claims about Covid-19 cases and other claims of progress by AMLO’s government in fighting the pandemic.
AMLO’s response when Ramos said “don’t you believe your own government’s statistics?” AMLO retorted, “I have different information.”
More people are “extremely poor” in Mexico than a year ago. More people have died at the hands of criminal drug cartels. More people are hungry than a year ago. Thousands of businesses have disappeared as have many jobs. The 40% of Mexico that is Middle Class abandoned AMLO on election day, 6 June. The courts have cut AMLO’s ability to rule by decree substantially even as voters took away AMLO’s super-majority in the Mexican Congress.
Lopez Obrador sends ships full of food to Cuba to help the communist government, he speaks well of socialist Venezuela, he tells the people he has different information, information he keeps secret. He attacks the press, the middle-class and free enterprise.
Is he done? We can only hope.