“President Donald J. Trump Stops Immigration – Sort of, Maybe”


President Trump is campaigning hard for reelection on having delivered on 2016 campaign promises. He has, except on his most important issue, illegal immigrant residents. President Donald J. Trump hasn’t solved the illegal residency problem; he has flopped.
President Dwight D. Eisenhower tried doing something about the illegal resident problem half-a-century ago, and what did it get us? NADA.
President Eisenhower appointed General Joseph Swing, a West Point classmate, to run the agency charged with ridding illegal residents by deportation. The former Army General called his effort “Operation Wetback.”
He lied in his reports. He claimed to have deported 1.1 million illegal residents but went further by claiming that hundreds of thousands of illegal residents and workers were so “fearful” they might be deported, they fled back to Mexico on their own.
Baloney! “Fearful” of what? The INS? “La Migra?” “Deportation?”
When caught by the then tiny Immigration & Naturalization Service (INS), the illegally-present people weren’t jailed, they weren’t tried in a court of law and they didn’t go to jail or prison, they were mostly loaded onto school buses and dropped off at the nearest sidewalk into Mexico.
The brilliant General even tried to deport some by ship from Texas but dropped that effort when unsafely-crammed deportees died and Mexicans that survived, rioted. The effort was a failure.
Those here illegally in the 1950s were here despite the existence of an legal worker program — commonly known as the Bracero Program — negotiated with Mexico a decade before that provided the U.S. with critical wartime farmworkers.
The “problem” was relatively new and didn’t exist before Congress created it by accident in 1924 when the white Congress — without any Hispanic members and only one Black member– passed the 1924 act that basically banned immigration from Mediterranean countries, Eastern Europe and Russia.
While perfectly legal, the congressional effort was designed to end immigration into the U.S. by Jews from Eastern Europe and Russia and Roman Catholic Italians; as the intent was to red light Jews, Italians, and other “swarthy” people, the effort was totally immoral albeit legal.
The 1920s were the most racist decade since the Ku Klux Klan controlled the Southern and Midwestern states and the Supreme Court legitimized state racism in 1894. Thousands of Klanners paraded in Washington D.C.
The 1924 anti-immigration act was designed by anti-Jewish, anti-Catholic bigots. Where they slipped up is that establishing quotas to keep out Polish/Russian Jews and Italian Catholics didn’t cover Mexicans.
The scheme was based on the percentage of the relative group in the U.S. in 1890; there weren’t many of the groups discriminated against in the USA in 1890.
The devious scheme worked. Between 1924 and 1965 very few Jews and Italians immigrated to the U.S. Despite the law, Mexicans never stopped coming, legally and illegally.
Congress restricted immigration in 1924 — it worked.
Many Mexicans made their way illegally into the United States after Presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson stupidly fulfilled their campaign obligations to the AFL/CIO unions by killing the 20-year-old Bracero program with Mexico. Three million illegally-present were legalized by the 1986 immigration bill President Ronald Reagan signed into law.
President Trump had forcefully campaigned on expelling anyone here illegally; he found 11 million or so of them in-country when he became President.
The U.S. had experienced an anti-Catholic campaign in the 1890s when “Rum, Romanism & Rebellion” successfully defeated Democrat Grover Cleveland and Catholics.
Trump’s campaign echoed the anti-Catholic anti-Cleveland campaign. The target this time – Mexicans.
He announced a 100,000 “Deportation Force” that he would expertly manage in rounding up 11-million illegal residents and deporting them in “12-24 months.” Really?
He campaigned on building a border “wall” that Mexico would pay for. Mexico’s public retort came from former President Vicente Fox who echoed Mexicans and Mexican-Americans with “Mexico will not pay for your “F*****g wall.”
So, here we are 1200 days into his Presidency and President Trump issues an Executive Proclamation “stopping” immigration into the U.S. — sort of.
A handful of people waiting for “green cards” outside the U.S. — i.e. permission to live and work in the U.S. are affected. Temporary farmworkers are not, relatives of U.S. citizens are not, special people who helped us in Iraq and Afghanistan are not, people under 21 are not.
A handful of people are inconvenienced for 60 or so days, but 11 million illegal residents are untouched by the “excellent manager” who was going to find, arrest and deport them within 12-24 months.