“President Trump is a Racist: Michael Cohen”

Racism is manifested by words and actions. Former personal lawyer/“fixer” to President Donald Trump, Michael Cohen declared at a Congressional hearing that his former client is a racist. His proof? Words he attributes to Trump.
For example: Cohen says Trump told him, Blacks wouldn’t vote for him for President because they were “too stupid.” Is this a racist statement? Sure, would that statement be real proof, even if truly made? Maybe not.
Calling Black-run countries like Haiti “s**thole countries” is a better example, especially when backed up by another statement about wondering if any Black-run country was successfully governed, a statement he allegedly made while Black Barack Obama was President.
In these precincts, Obama was not a great President. His foreign policy was disastrous. And, his multi-billion dollar giveaways were not to Black-majority-run- countries. Iran received his gifts of dollars and Euros; Iran is white. It’s not even Semitic like Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States. Obama did little, in comparison, for sub-Sahara Black nations.
Conjecturing that President Trump is racist from statements that he may have made is not “kosher.” More acceptable are efforts of President Trump that have been judicially proven to be racist.
Fact: In 1973, Donald J. Trump and his Father, Fred Trump, were sued by the Nixon/Ford Department of Justice for illegally denying rental units to Blacks and Hispanics (Puerto Ricans) in violation of federal law. After initially fighting, the Trumps effectively lost. They signed a consent decree. It included ending illegal racist actions against minority applicants for apartments in Ohio and New York City; a settlement and it included review of all rental applicants by Black civil rights organizations.
Fact: President Trump raises fear of a tiny organized gang of Hispanic Salvadorans in speeches about their “savagery.” Factually, its presence is concentrated only around Washington D.C. where Salvadorans are the largest immigrant group, New York’s Long Island and in a handful of Los Angeles County neighborhoods. This “savage” gang – MS13—is not really national in scope; it was born in Los Angeles and its numbers are not large. The estimated number nationally is 10,000 members. That, in contrast to 50,000 Black, Mexican, Armenian and white gang members in Los Angeles alone. There are 7 or 8 larger and more dangerous gangs in the U.S. the President never mentions. On the other hand, President Trump suggested that radical all-White Supremacist/Nationalist demonstrators in Charlottesville, Virginia included “fine people on both sides.”
Fact: Donald Trump’s incessant insulting of Mexicans tell us much about President Trump and his views of almost 200 million people. Mexican is not a race, it is a national group consisting of three races; 10% white, 30% pure Indian and 60% mixed European/Indian. Mexico[RC1] [RC2] is America’s largest neighbor, it buys more American product than any other country in the world. A 78-year-old mutual military conscription agreement between the two countries has allowed Mexican nationals to serve in the United States military since Pearl Harbor in 1941 and it led to a work (Bracero) treaty that allowed thousands of Mexican farmworkers to work legally in the U.S. and Mexican men have served in the American military, something President Trump intentionally never did. To declare, as President Trump did when he announced for President that, “Mexico does not send its best’ to the U.S. That “some are criminals… rapists…” and drug smugglers, though “some are nice people” is word, for word, racist on its face.
Fact: In the New York City gang rape case of the “Central Park Five” Trump campaigned for the death penalty of the five young Black and Puerto Rican men alleged to have raped and beaten a young white woman. Donald Trumpused full page newspaper ads to convince New Yorkers to convict the “five.” They were convicted by a jury that he obviously influenced. After several years in prison, the men were exonerated in the eyes of the law but not in Trump’s view.
Fact: Donald J. Trump took up a blatantly racist cause that charged President Barack Hussein Obama with having been born in Kenya (Africa), not in Hawaii as his birth certificate said he was born. In other words, Obama is not a natural-born citizen. The Constitution requires natural-born citizenship to be President.
Obama was born in Hawaii, in the United States of America. A footnote to this spurious anti-Obama stand are Trump’s musings that the 14th Amendment to the Constitution does not make children born to an illegal alien parent in the United States a natural-born U.S. citizen. It does. Mexican women, he maintains, cross the border and “drop” a baby the next day so Americans “have to take care of it” for life.
Allegations do not supersede facts. Facts are stubborn and must be reckoned with by people who might be too “stupid” to evaluate them.
President Abraham Lincoln has been called a “racist” using words he uttered early in his political career. But, what do the “facts” show?
By today’s standards and by his total effect on slavery, Lincoln was not a racist, President Trump on the other hand, does not fare well when facts are evaluated and understood.
Mr. Cohen is right. Mr. Trump is what Cohen said he is, a racist. He has been since he discriminated against Blacks and Hispanics in denying them apartments in 1973.