“President Trump’s one drop rule”


“Friends, (Americans), countrymen, lend me your ears. I come to bury (Trump), not to praise him. The evil that men do lives after them…” is something newly eligible Hispanic voters might say every 30 seconds for it is every “30 second block” of our 24 hour day, an 18 year old Hispanic or new citizen Hispanic becomes eligible to vote.
By the same token, the percentage of American voters who voted for President Trump in 2016 is shrinking as those numbers appear to be static, per his approval numbers that have basically stayed the same since January 20, 2017, while every 30 seconds a new Hispanic voter is eligible to register to vote.
If President Trump had anything good to brag about to Hispanics he would or he could. He can’t.
Unemployment started shrinking for Hispanics in 2009 and continue. Job creation started in 2009 and continue. The stock market started moving up in 2009 and continues. Mexico is now our number one trading partner in spite of Trump tariffs and observations about the most successful trading agreement in world history, NAFTA, with Mexico and Canada allowing Mexico to, as Trump maintains, to “rip us off.”
For decades, Mexican nationals have served in the modern U.S. military once granted permanent residency. Immigrant soldiers, sailors and Marines have had their contracts with the United States voided by President Trump.
In San Diego, a thirty one year resident Mexican woman, without legal status, has been ordered to self deport by President Trump’s Customs Border Protection within 30 days despite her being eligible for legality because she is the mother of a United States Army officer. Apparently, the Trump Administration is unaware that Congress has passed a specific law allowing this woman legal status.
Then there are “Dreamers” who have been notified to prepare to self-deport because Trump is ending the Obama-created deferred deportation offered to over 700,000 people brought illegally into the U.S. when they were children.

The President raised his hand on January 20, 2017, in front of the smallest Inauguration Day crowd experienced in recent decades and swore to “faithfully execute” the laws of the U.S.A. The mother of a U.S. soldier has been ordered deported by the Trump Administration despite her eligibility for legal residence. Is that “faithfully executing” the law?
Outside of older Cuban refugees in South Florida, there is little support among the nation’s 61 million Hispanics/Latinos for President Trump’s reelection.
Sure Trump has a guy named Steve Cortes from Chicago who is half Mexican supporting him, but that is explained by President Trump himself. The President is befuddled about Cortes’ Hispanitude because, Trump says, Cortes looks more like a “WASP” than Trump does.

WASP=WHITE ANGLO-SAXON PROTESTANT. Mexicans can be of any race, White, Amerindian, Black, Asian or any mix of of those ethnicities. They can be Catholic, jewish, Protestant, etc., or have no religion.
So, there it is, Mr. Trump is racist observer who judges nationality or ethnicity by skin color and does so by WASPish traditional measurements. Does he measure by the “One drop rule?”
For those born since the Fifties, few are familiar with the “One drop rule.” “One drop of Negro blood, or Amerindian, or Asian blood does not make one a Negro/Black, Amerindian or Asian, especially, if one like Steve Cortes looks like a WASP to a sophisticated New Yorker like the President.
For that reason and that reason alone, President Trump should be defeated at the polls in 2020. He simply is not a true American who lives and breathes by the Constitution and its American way. He does not “faithfully execute” American law as required. That is an impeachable offense if anything is. It is honest rationale for not voting for someone.
There is no reason whatsoever for a new Hispanic/Latino voter to support President Trump in 2020 just as there was no reason for a HIspanic to have voted for Trump in 2016.
While reading this article, 8-plus newly eligible Hispanic voters have emerged with a new one every 30 seconds. Good Luck, Mr. Trump.