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Professional Certification Center, Inc. Inspiring, supporting and preparing students

PCCenter is a TWC licensed career school offering courses in computer and medical technology. We provide instructions in desktop application software, hardware, networking, and Internet technologies. PCCenter was founded to fill the technical training needs of residents of southern Dallas, Tarrant and Ellis Counties. PCCenter is a certified Historically Underutilized Business (HUB), and it is TWC, DARS, WIA, and TAA approved.

The Mission of PCCenter is to inspire, support, and prepare students in order to promote lifelong learning and career achievement. PCCenter is committed to identifying students with job skill needs and providing them with the academic and social skills required to make successful, professional employees.

Professional Certification Center, dba PCCenter, was founded in 2001 to offer computer software, hardware, Internet, and network training in southern Dallas County. The school’s curriculum is designed for career enhancement and prepares students for careers in computer, office and medical technology. It is a private, proprietary school licensed by the Texas Workforce Commission Career Schools and Veterans Education and incorporated in the state of Texas.


Business Administration

Technology Program

The Business Administration Technology Program prepares candidates for work in a business office by providing training for certifications in the Microsoft Office Suite as well as instructions in document production and web design.

Students will learn how to create a portfolio demonstrating their abilities to complete complex documents in each software application, which will separate them from their competitors in the marketplace. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to work as administrative assistant in business offices.

The approximate amount of time to complete the Business Administration Technology Program is 44 weeks for day school.

Computer Technician


The purpose this program is to teach students the skills needed to become a computer maintenance technician, computer support technician, or a systems administrator in the information technology

industry, or in computer support positions in various companies. The program will prepare students for the IC3, and the CompTIA A+ and Net+ certifications.

The student will learn topics such as word processing principles; how to create spreadsheets; how to create and manage databases; and how to manage physical and logical devices; users, computers, and groups; access and permissions; the network environment; and diagnostic and troubleshooting procedures. Students will also learn topics such as implementing, managing, and maintaining IP addressing, name resolution, network security measures, routing and remote access, and monitoring and troubleshooting computer hardware, software, and network infrastructure.

The approximate amount of time to complete the Computer Technician Program is 21 weeks for day school and 32 weeks for night school.

Medical Assisting


Medical Assistants aid the physician and other medical personnel as they examine and treat patients. Medical Assistants perform office administrative tasks that keep a medical office or clinic running smoothly. The program provides clinical instruction, class lectures, and practical experience through an externship in a medical facility. During clinical instruction, students will learn how to prepare patients for examinations, give injections, conduct electrocardiograms, and process routine laboratory tasks. They will also learn office duties such as completing insurance forms, CPT and ICD 9 CM coding, scheduling appointments, billing, bookkeeping, and medical collections. Graduates are prepared to work in physicians’ offices, clinics, nursing homes, and health care centers as a medical secretary, medical assistant, medical receptionist, or medical office manager.

Admission Requirements – Students must have a high school diploma or GED and score at least an 220 on the verbal and a 230 on the quantitative parts of the Wonderlic Basic Skills exam in order to enter into the Medical Assisting Program. The approximate amount of time required to complete the program is 44 weeks.

Medical Office

Assisting Program

This program is designed to provide the student with the skills to perform medical recording, statistical tracking, and reimbursement of medical diagnostic and coding.

Students will learn medical terminology and medical abbreviations, basis human anatomy and physiology, international coding systems, proper codes for medical reimbursements, basic accounting and basic mathematics; as well as, english grammer, word processing and spreadsheet skills that can be applied to medical offices.

Upon completion of this program, students will be prepared to work in an entry-level position as a medical billing or coding specialist, or as a secretary in a health care facility

The approximate amount of time to complete the Medical Office Assisting Program is 44 weeks.

The maximum number of students in a class is 16. The average class consists of 8-10 students.

Admissions Policy :

1. No student will be admitted after the third day of regularly scheduled classes

2. Students must show proof of a height school diploma or GED.

3. Seminars are designed to enhance skills in a particular profession. In order to register for seminars, a student must have at least 3 years of verifiable work experience in a related area.

4. Students under 18 will only be admitted with the signature of a parent or legal guardian.

5. A minimum verbal score of 200 and a minimum quantitative score of 210 on the Wonderlic Basic Skills Test.