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Soul Strengtheners

101 Divine Workouts from the One and Only Dr. Bernie Siegel

If you don’t exercise your soul, you’re in danger of becoming a human doing rather than a human being. In his simple yet powerful new book, Dr. Siegel offers a wealth of mini-prescriptions for spiritual fitness that fit into the busiest of lives.

Have you exercised your soul today? If you’re like most of us, you might not be blamed for thinking, Okay, after I take my child to school, plow through a 10-hour workday, pay the bills, throw together dinner, mow the lawn, do the bath-book-bedtime routine–then I’ll take the soul out for a little stroll. But the truth is, that elusive entity called your soul does need regular attention. It is, after all, the part of you that enables you to live and love with enthusiasm, vigor, and plain old joy. And according to best-selling author Dr. Bernie Siegel, soul-exercise doesn’t require formal meditation, regular church attendance, or a two-week retreat at a monastery.

“There are plenty of opportunities to improve the fitness of your soul in the course of a normal, ordinary day in your normal, ordinary life,” says Dr. Siegel, author of the new book 101 Exercises for the Soul: A Divine Workout Plan for Body, Mind, and Spirit (New World Library, September 2005, ISBN: 1-57731-511-1, $17.95). “Soul work is not constrained by rigid schedules and hard and fast rules. But it does require introspection. It does require intention. It does require the courage to take that first step onto your soulful journey.”

Winning is a Choice

WINNING IS A CHOICE is an innovative fusion of Eastern and Western philosophy, science, spirituality and common sense, maximizing the best elements of each. The book uses a provocative blend of real-world examples and interactive exercises to make your journey as successful as possible. By giving you these tools, Y.K. Kim gives you the physical, mental and moral fitness to build strength of body, character and will to make the most important choice of your life – the choice to win. In WINNING IS A CHOICE you’ll learn: the seven steps to develop personal power the nine qualities of organizational leadership, no matter your position or title the DDPE (Desire, Decide, Prepare and Execute) path to maximize your life and lead in the real world, and much much more Grandmaster Y.K. Kim has written a powerful how-to guide to success. His new book, WINNING IS A CHOICE is available thru Hatherleigh Press at $24.95, 2005.