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March 2, 2015… Plano, Tx… Irish legend holds that one who is lucky enough to catch a leprechaun, is rewarded with a pot of gold. But anyone who steals from the leprechaun is far from lucky. And when it comes to magical allies, the wee folk of the Emerald Isle know how to properly punish those who take what doesn’t belong to them.

Dark Hour Haunted House brings to life the lore of the land to celebrate the traditional Irish holiday, Saint Patrick’s Day. According to show director, Allen Hopps, “Just like in many other old world countries, traditional stories from Ireland are filled with darkness and evil deeds going back hundreds of years.” Inspired by these stories, Hopps and his team bring to life a world filled with evil faeries, leprechauns, banshees, and of course, witches. Hopps added, “Much like our show at Halloween, we pit evil against evil as the witches find themselves under attack by Leprechauns, fairies, Fomorian giants, even a banshee, and we send our guests right into the middle of this full on supernatural battle.”

This horribly magic filled show runs March 13-14, from 7 pm to 11 pm. Ticket prices are $26 and are available in advance through the web-site, www.darkhourhauntedhouse.com , or at the box office located on-site at 701 Taylor Dr., Plano, Tx, 75074. Discount coupons are available at select local merchants.

For the ultimate experience at Dark Hour, VIP packages are available which include Fast Pass Admission, a Dark Hour t-shirt, Dark Hour magnet, access to the VIP suite with refreshments and special screening of The Making of Dark Hour; VIP packages also include a second trip through the haunt, if you dare. VIP packages are $65 and may also be purchased on-line or on-site.

Dark Hour Haunted House is located just east of highway 75 on Plano Parkway in Plano. Free Parking is provided.