Students and Bank of America improve Joseph J. Rhoads Learning Center

Projects developed by students to help improve the learning environment at Joseph J. Rhoads Learning Center became a reality in September as part of the SLANT 45 project. The students, with the help of volunteers from Bank of America, created four murals in the school, drew a map of the United States on the blacktop outside the school, and updated the teachers lounge. The students also created a student lounge that will be used by students as a reward for academic achievement and good behavior. Bank of America also financially sponsored the students projects.
SLANT 45, which stands for Service Learning Adventures in North Texas-with 45 representing Super Bowl XLV-is an education initiative launched by the Super Bowl XLV host committee and operated by Big Thought. The program provides children the opportunity to apply learning to the real world through civic participation, critical thinking, collaboration, character education, and creativity by allowing them to identify issues in their schools or local communities and develop projects to help address the issues.
Through SLANT 45, school improvement and community service projects developed by students at 36 district elementary schools and five middle schools will be completed. Overall, more than 22,900 children will be involved in community-service projects in four counties of North Texas.