Texas State Representative Salutes All Military Men & Women … Veterans Day is Thurs, Nov. 11, 2010

DALLAS, TX – As Veterans Day approaches on Thursday, November 11, 2010, Texas State Representative Roberto R. Alonzo calls on all constituents of House District 104 from southwest Dallas and the Dallas-Fort Worth region alike, to recognize the nations 23.4 million living veterans and the generations before them who fight and have fought on a daily basis to protect our freedom and democracy.

«As we get ready to celebrate Veteran’s Day on Thursday, one of the most important and patriotic days in our nations history, I remind everyone to take a few moments in their daily busy schedules to pay tribute to the millions of American service men and women who have served already proudly or currently serve in all branches of the military. Thanks to our military service men and women, we can all proudly call ourselves Americans due to their dedication, commitment, and patriotism to serve and defend our country, particularly during time of war. This years Veterans Day holiday takes a totally new meaning, a special significance because it comes almost at the one year anniversary of last years senseless tragedy that took place at Fort Hood – leaving 13 dead and over 30 wounded. I join all Texans and Americans alike in keeping these proud soldiers and their families in our thoughts and prayers,» said Rep. Alonzo.

«Without a doubt, Veterans Day is a special occasion on which we honor all those veterans so that all of us can have the privilege of living in the greatest country in the world – the United States of America. Please let us not forget their commitment, as we find ourselves with the deployment of so many young men and women from this area of Texas serving in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other battle-torn countries – defending us at war or in peace-keeping missions abroad. It is difficult enough to lose these brave Americans in battles overseas, however, it is more horrifying when they come under fire on American soil like they did at Fort Hood last year. It is senseless, heart-breaking, and beyond words to describe,» continued Rep. Alonzo.

«Like so many of the other patriotic American holidays that we celebrate every year, the commemoration of Veterans Day is a very important day in our nation as we pay tribute and honor the military men and women who defend us, both at time of war and peace. Veteran’s Day – like other memorable and patriotic days in our nation – is highly celebrated throughout the country in many forms. But because of the war situation we face today in Iraq and Afghanistan, it becomes so much more important that we not forget who our veterans are and what they symbolize in American history,» stated Rep. Alonzo. «Most importantly, participation in Veterans Day can be as simple as putting out the porch flag, reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, displaying the American flag in our campus classrooms or vehicle antennas, or reminding our youngsters of the story of a relative who is either currently serving or has served in the military,» reiterated Rep. Alonzo.

Honoring our veterans will take place in many forms of recognition throughout the country, state, as well as locally. Observance celebrations will vary from parades, to church prayer services, to the reciting of historical quotes and the singing of famous patriotic songs in front of historical buildings such as city halls and State Capitols, public parks, and even public schools like we see here today. Other observances will come in the form of drama plays and theatrical performances by some area schools and various civic groups such as the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Catholic War Veterans, and the American GI Forum, to name a few.

Whatever form it takes to honor our veterans on this patriotic holiday, the bottom line is to never forget that Veterans Day is just a commemoration or reminder of their proud service to our country. We must keep, respect, and honor their service every day of our lives. «That alone shows our love of country, freedom of opportunity, freedom of speech, citizenship, and the deep pride that we should all have in being proud American citizens. Moreover, these should be the ideal characteristics that all American citizens should be proud to hold strong in their hearts and minds. And that, I believe, is what we are paying tribute to on Veterans Day: HONORING OUR MILITARY MEN AND WOMEN WHO SERVE OR HAVE SERVED OUR COUNTRY PROUDLY. That special day is a day in their honor,» stated Rep. Alonzo.

Of all the patriotic holidays we celebrate every year, Veteran’s Day is probably one of the most highly appreciated since it recognizes the important value, significant contributions, and personal sacrifices of millions of citizens whose military service has had a profound effect on our daily lives. «Whether it is in the Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, Air Force, or National Guard, all our veterans have one common characteristic: God, honor, and country. Those veterans have served proudly for our country. They defend our country, both in times of war and peace. Their common experience of having served in the military and for some, suffered the hardships of war is what has paved this countrys path to victory and freedom today. We maintain those freedoms today thanks to the millions of service men and women who serve and have served our country in the military. Those military men and women pledged themselves to «God, honor, and country» and they made a vow to their fellow brethren and their country. In time of military service, there is never a distinction made between Hispanic, Black, White, male or female, rich or poor, young or old. ALL are soldiers, sailors, or marines – ALL united under the SAME Flag. So, on a day like Veteran’s Day on November 11th – there is no more fitting tribute that we as Americans can pay to our proud veterans than to rededicate and commit ourselves to the ideals that have made our country great: the ideals of patriotism, honor, freedom, loyalty, and a dedication and commitment to help ourselves as well as others to improve our world and make it a better one for ALL. No one can argue that those are powerful principles and ideals to live by and cherish,» continued Rep. Alonzo.

Veterans Day offers ALL of us a unique chance to honor and pay tribute to some of our greatest heroes – those millions of unselfish men and women who proudly serve and have served and defended our country. «Personally, I believe every day should be a Veterans Day. I do not believe we should honor and pay tribute to our veterans of wars for just one day out of the year; it should be an ongoing tribute year-round because of their undying dedication, commitment, and devotion to serve and defend our country. Our men and women in the military did not serve our country on just ONE day nor did they choose to go to war for just one day,» stated Rep. Alonzo.

There are hundreds of other countries in the world suffering from many societal ills such as extreme poverty, high mortality rates, inhuman living and working conditions, rule by dictatorship, and disease. «While our country is not problem-free; it is however, the greatest one to live in, thanks in large measure to our military veterans and their service to our country. It is because of these proud and patriotic service men and women that we can call ourselves proud Americans. I urge everyone to remember them, but not only on Veterans Day on Thursday, November 11th, but every day forward,» concluded Rep. Alonzo.

[A guide to many of the major patriotic activities happening on Veterans Day across the country, as well as locally, is included on the VAs Veterans Day website at http://www.va.gov/opa/vetsday/ under «Regional Observances.» The page includes a variety of resources, including a teachers guide, a poster gallery and links to information bout the Arlington National Cemetery ceremony]. (Locally, in the DFW area, you can visit the website at www.vetsdayindallas.org/ )