THE DFW SPORTS MIX 01 10 13 By Don Arnick

So you are the head coach of the Washington Redskins. If you are a Cowboys fan you would ask why do I want to do that? Hang in there! Okay coach.
You have a monster talent of a quarterback in Robert Griffin III, who has got you into the playoff for the first time in a while. Not bad for a rookie, who has a Heisman Trophy in tow. His hot hand and quick feet has got Skins fans in a frenzy and super bowl hopes are dancing in their heads. But RG3 has a bum knee, he is playing on one good leg. Would you risk his long term health for a run to the super bowl? Skins Head Coach Mike Shannahan had that dilemma all week leading up to the Redskins-Seattle Seahawks wild card meeting. The team doctors said he is not in the best of shape to play. But RG3 put the sell job on Coach Shannahan by using this classic line. «There is a difference between playing hurt and playing injured.» I thought they are both of the same. Nontheless, the Coach gave him the okay to play knowing what could might happen if he get hurt playing on a injured knee. During the game, Griffin struggled and did not look like the Heisman trophy winner we accustumed to seeing. On a play deep in Skins territory, a fumbled snap that Griffin went to pick up, and his knee turned inside out. Laying flat on the turf, the brain trust of Shannahan and Griffin saw their worst fears come true. Sure the playoffs are important, but the health of a rookie quarterback that was the Heisman trophy winner last year, is more important than that. And we will find out how bad RG3’s knee is, and whether he will be the same player going forward.
An hot A J McCarran, a massive offensive line, and stout defense. That is how you win another BCS championship. And it wasn’t even close as Alabama blew away Notre Dame 42-14 in the Louisiana Superdome. The Fighing Irish went into this game undefeated, and came out wonder what happened, and are we the team everyone say how great we are. For the Crimson Tide, the word dynasty keep coming up for good reason. Winning three of the for BCS title is the catylist for it. And it’s deserved, Alabama is that good!!!