THE DFW SPORTS MIX 01 24 13 By Don Arnick

For a while it looked like we would have a Manning Brothers Super Bowl in New Oreleans. Pitting Payton and Eli head to head in a winner takes the Super Bowl battle. But as the playoffs went along, Eli did not make the tournament and his brother Peyton got done in by Baltimore. Instead we have another Super Bowl family affair with the Harbaughs. The 49er’s Jim and the Ravens John dueling it out in the Superdome. These two teams pretty much
mirror one another. And their trip through the playoff were about the same. The Niners were down 17 points to Atlanta on the road, overcame that to beat the Falcons 28-24. Baltimore were down 13-7 when Ravens quarterback Joe Flaco caught fire and beat the New England Patriots 28-13. Both teams defenses were in lockdown mode for those wins. Both teams needed great quarterback play from Flaco and the Niners Colin kapernick, who came out of nowhere to put the Niners in the Super Bowl. And then you have the coaches, who happens to be brothers who are about to go head to head in the first Super Bowl that will be a family affair for the Harbaughs.
While the Niners and Ravens prepare for this years Super Bowl clash in the Big Easy, the Dallas Cowboys are preparing for next year as they assemble the coaching staff and coaching decisions like who will call the offensive plays? That has been decided as Bill Callahan will be calling the plays on the offense. Taking that duty away from Head Coach Jason Garrett. Some folks say that Jason was taking on too much of a task of being the head coach and offensive coordinator. This move well simplies things at Valley Ranch. Callahan was a Head Coach at Oakland and Newbraska. So there will be more changes with the Cowboys, you can bet on that. Just stay tuned to see what happens.