THE DFW SPORTS MIX 02 07 13 By Don Arnick

Famous last words from former Dallas Cowboys Defensive Coordinator Rob Ryan. «I will get another job in 5 minutes. Well it did not take 5 minutes, but it was quick for Rob Ryan to get a job with the St Louis Rams. But just when Rob was about to get into his seat, the Rams fired him. The reason was philospic reasons was the reason why Rob was let go. That was kinda weird how that happened. The Rams hired him and no formal interview too place. As of now, Rob is out of a job. He will get hired by another team, but it won’t take five minutes to be hired again.
The Dallas Cowboys did not make the Super Bowl. SUPRISE!!!! However, one of their fine players won a prestegious award. The Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award. Given to an NFL player for his exemplementary work on the field and in the community. The Cowboys Jason Witten is this years winner for his outstanding play, and his charity work away from the gridiron. A fine player all the way around. Congratulations Jason!!!!!!!
I don’t understand the criteria to vote for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Lots of great players who are still waiting to be nominated, but get passed by. There is a Dallas Cowboys influence in this years class to go into the HOF. Former Dallas Cowboys Coach Bill Parcels got in on his fourth try, Pokes offensive lineman Larry Allen got in on his first time on the ballot. The anchor on the line that open holes for Emmitt Smith, and protected Troy Aikman is now Hall of Fame material. Chris Carter, Johnthan Odgen, Curly Culp, Dave Robinson, and Warren Sapp are in too. The one that should have got in was Charles Hayley. 5 Super Bowl title he won with the Niners and Cowboys. How can you ignore that!!!
And there was the game. Super Bowl 47 will be remembered for two things. The black out that stopped play for 47 minutes. Beyonce’s killer halftime show that wowed everyone. But on the field there were lots of fireworks, and Joe Flaco had the match. Three touchdowns, and Jacoby Jones 108 yard kickoff return (an Super Bowl record). And it looked like the Baltimore Ravens were about to take off and hide with the Lombardi trophy. After the blackout, the San Francisco 49er’s caught fire. Three touchdowns in the second half put the Niners back in the game, with a chance to overtake the Ravens. They were 2 points away. And fell short. The pass interference call did not go the Niners way. And the Ravens are your Super Bowl 47 winners with a 34-31 win. Niners QB Colin Kapernick will bring the Niners back to super bowl promminance, he got the Niners back in the Super Bowl conversation. He is a one of a kind quarterback. But Joe Flaco blue collar way of doing things won out. He was not flashy, he did not have to be. Just win the game that was dominated by the Harbaugh brothers. I wonder what the first dinner after the super bowl is going to be like.