THE DFW SPORTS MIX 03 14 13 By Don Arnick

The one thing i don’t like going into a new baseball season is drama. We got plenty of it with the Texas Rangers and their front office shake up. Current General Manager Jon Daniels is looking at the title of Baseball Operations manager. The title Nolan Ryan has now. Jon Daniels is a baseball wiz kid, who know about the sport and plays moneyball when need be. However, for all the baseball smarts, that belongs to Nolan Ryan. He has all the baseball smarts, and the support of the players who look up to Nolan. Not that many folks are happy at the way Daniels treated Michael Young, who is now a Philadelphia Phillies player. Note to the Rangers, you need a reminder on screwing up a good things? Look to your neighbors down the street the Dallas Cowboys. Jimmy Johnson and Jerry Jones had a good thing going till they screwed things up in 1993 after winning back to back super bowls. The Texas Rangers are having the best success this franchise is having in its 40 plus years of being in the DFW. Success begins at the top with management being on the same page. Whatever differences Daniels and Ryan are having, try to patch them up. The future of the Rangers are in stake.
Watching the Baylor Lady Bears basketball team, and they are playing like the national champs they are. And they are sounding a message. You want this, come and get it. And center Brittney Griner is playing like a hoops player posessed. If there is one part of her game that hardly ever gets talked about, but it was on display in the Big 12 Basketball Classic, is her passing. It has improved over time, and with all the double and triple team schemes Brittney faces every night, passing is key. And having guards Oddesey Sims and Destiny Williams to dish off to, Baylor has lots of ways to beat you. Every team Baylor faced was left in the dust, including the 75-47 win over Iowa State to win the Big 12 Women’s Classic. I’ve always said this time of year, I don’t want to be the number one team going into the big tournament. However, the Baylor Lady Bears, are ready for whatever challenge the other teams are gonna give them. And they might face an old friend from the old league. Texas A&M won the SEC women’s tournament, and could be one of the teams to face Baylor in the playoffs. It’s tough to repeat, but Baylor’s team is primed for the challenge.