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By Don Arnick<!--:-->

THE DFW SPORTS MIX 10 25 12 By Don Arnick

It’s October going into November. Football is going full tilt with big games, baseball is getting into the World Series, and basketball is getting started. But NHL hockey is still in lockout mode, with no positive hints that the negoations are heading towards an end to the lockout. The pre season games have been canceled, and the first month of regular season games have been canceled too. The only business of the game of hockey that was conducted was the U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame Induction event in Dallas. For the first time, Dallas gets to host a hall of fame event of any kind. And there was a good reason why it came down to Big D, Mike Modano was one of the three players to be inducted into the U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame. Former player Eddie Olczyk, and current New Jersey Devils President and General Manager Lou Lamoriello also went in too. Anyone who was big in the sport hockey was there. Mike Modano had the support of Lou Nannie, former North Stars player and General Manager, who gave the go ahead to draft Mike Modano while he was with Minnesota. Mike’s parents were there too. Eddie Olczyk had the whole family along for his big moment. He has sons who also is playing hockey, following in his dads footsteps. And Lou Lamoriello, credited his long history at Providence to get what he has now. A spot in the U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame, and three Stanley Cup wins. On a night where the sport of hockey put on it’s best foot forward, they did big time. And it was great to set aside the talk about the NHL lockout just for a while. We hope NHL hockey comes back soon.
I guess that for the Dallas Cowboys to win, they have to win ugly. And the win in Carolina was nothing but that, ugly. Again, Dan “bail out” Bailey defenitely bailed out the Cowboys again with 4 fieldgoals. Leading the Pokes to a 19-14 win. The defense helped in the cause too. Key interceptions, and Morris Clairborne got his first pick of his rookie year. There was a rippling effect to the Cowboys win, the Carolina Panthers fired their General Manager Marty Hurney after being in the position with the team since 2002. He was responsible for getting Cam Newton, who was rather bumming after the game. The Panthers are 1-5, while the Pokes square up their season at 3-3, with a big game againt the NY Giants. And the Giants are looking like a team that is better than the rest of the pack in the NFC.
The Dallas Mavericks will start the season in LA against the Lakers. The Mavs will start the season without Dirk Nowtizki, who discovered swelling in his knee. After continuing to drain the knee, surgery had to be done. He will be out up to 6 weeks.