THE DFW SPORTS MIX By Don Arnick 01 16 14

The lanscape of college football in Texas changed in a span of a week recently. And it involved two cornerstone schools with Texas and Texas A & M. First, the long awaited annoucement on who will be the new coach at Texas. And once he was announced, the new hashtag term #texasstrong went to work as Charlie Strong is now the Longhorns coach. Coach Strong recently was the Head Coach at Louisville, where he brought that football program and put it on a national pedistal. Winning record with a reputation for defense, which the Horns were lacking the last three seasons. Most of the Texas faithful, fans, allums, students, all like the new hire. One person, not so much. Red McCombs, and Horns booster, and former owner of the San Antoino Spurs and Minnesota Vikings, said on a San Antoino radio show that the hire was a kick in the face in the Horns program. He also said that Strong would be a good position coach but not a Head Coach at Texas. I say that there is a reason what Louisville has been a good football team the last three seasons, and it was not done with smoke and mirrors. Strong knows what he is doing, and he will make the Longhorns a dominating force in football again. This a good choice for the Longhorns if they want to get the Horns namesake back to respectibility and beyond. The Horns faithful has embraced Strong, and McCombs should too.
Now to the other news from a Texas college. Johnny Manziel had a game for the ages in the Chick Fil A Peach Bowl. Three touchdowns to rally the Texas A&M Aggies to a win. Everyone supected this could be the last game for him as a Aggie. Well everyone suspected right as Johnny Football takes his talents to the NFL. He declared himself a pro and he has entered the NFL Draft. Lots to time between now and the April NFL Draft. The Combine is next month, and every college football player knows a player’s draft stock can go up or down after the Combine. So keep an eye on the happenings of Johnny Football as the march to the NFL draft continues. He has the tools to be a good NFL quarterback. But is it all skill or all hype?
And finally some news that make you want to tnink about re uping your Cowboys season tickets. It was announced that Bill Callahan will be calling the plays again for the Cowboys. Again, it makes you want to think about re uping your season ticket option.