The NBA lockout is over, but more about that later. Let us stay on the football track for now and talk about the first place Dallas Cowboys. Yes, the same Pokes that blew leads late in games, has found their way on top of the NFC East heap. Having an easy schedule, and the Eagles and Giants hitting a slump, the Boys are taking advantage of the easy going in their schedule. Plus, the misfortunes of other teams as they struggle in the second half of the season. Now the question is, can they keep it up going into December. The month that the Cowboys have been known to slump. The holiday schedule does not look easy as the Cowboys face Arizona, the NY Giants twice, Tampa Bay on the road, and Philadelphia. The offense should be back to normal for Coach Jason Garrett, who will have wide receiver Miles Austin back in the line up. And a healthy Felix Jones to help out the cause. Two things that could hold the Cowboys back is their defense, which have given up big plays on the ground and in the air. And the not so special teams, who can stop a return and can’t create a return. The only thing special about the Boys special teams is kicker Dan Bailey. He has bailed out the Boys 3 times this season with game winning kicks. Teams who make the Super Bowl have great defenses and a great special teams crew. Until the Boys get the two aspects of their game right, they won’t be considered super bowl contenders.
DFW is the only city in America that is hosting 4 post season college bowl games. The Bell Helecopter Armed Forces Bowl at SMU on Dec 31. The Ticket City Bowl game at the Cotton Bowl on January 1. The ATT Cotton Bowl on January 5. And the NCAA Division 2 Championship game at Pizza Hut Park in Frisco on January 6. Work the google to find the websites on all the games coming to the Metroplex in the next few weeks for tickets and other information.