I’m convinced about how the voters who pick the Heisman Trophy select who’s the winner. It is not based on the whole season of work for the candidates. Rather it’s based on the final 4 weeks of play that involves big games when everything is on the line. Two examples on what I mean, Stanford’s QB Andrew Luck. Great season, but lost to Oregon in a huge game. Another example, Hounston’s Case Keenem. Great season, but lost to Southern Mississippi in the C-USA Championship game. Those losses takes away points to the players who want to the Heisman Trophy. But one player continued to win big games, and ammassed a impressive resume that wowed Heisman voters late in the season. Baylor’s Robert Griffin III, or RG3 to his friends, won the Heisman. I was not suprised unlike everyone else who picked other candidates for the award. Key wins over Oklahoma and Texas sealed the Heisman deal. At the beginning of the season, only a few experts talked about RG3, but the conversation was on Andrew Luck and Case Keenem. RG3 had a surge late, and got stronger with the string of victories. It proves my take on the Heisman Trophy, on how a player does plenty to create buzz late in the season, and ends up with the main prize.
During the Major League Winter Meetings in Dallas recently, the Los Angeles Angels shocked everyone twice by signing Albert Puljos and former Rangers pitcher C.J. Wilson. At the time, everyone was saying the Angels were the best in the AL West. And everyone was wonerding what will the Texas Rangers were going to do to top that. They got the money, and I feel that Prince Fielder was on the list. Well, the Ringers brass are going to be like every other person that buys a car by going with an import. They have won the right to negoiate with Japaneese pitching phenom Hu Darvish from the Nippon Ham Fighers. The rights to talk to Hu had a hefty price tag of $51.7 million. This was the same process that the Boston Red Sox went through to get Dice K. Rangers scouts were tracking Hu’s progress the last 3 seasons, and they feel it’s worth the shot to get him. Is it worth it for the Rangers to get this pictcher amd bring him across the pond to play here? Ask the Dallas Mavericks who in 1999 went after a German player who was making buzz. Ever heard of Dirk Nowitzki? Rangers are showing everyone that they are serious about winning.
Back to Baylor, its where the college sports action is in Waco, 90 minutes away on the I-35. In a week span, Robert Griffin III wins the Heisman, and to follow that up, the Baylor Lady Bears beat U-Conn 66-61 in a battle of number one versus number two in womens college basketball. The differnce maker was Brittney Griner, who was doing work. 25 points and a nine blocked shots to keep Baylor at number one in the country. Griner’s performance earned her Big 12 player of the week honors. And I feel that Brittney has turned the corner with her play with more domination inside on both ends. Baylor Lady Bears are doing great, they and U-Conn will battle for higher stakes in March. By the way, their Men’s hoops team is really good too, with a number six ranking nationally.