Before I go to other things, two bits of news to tell you about that is worth noting. Dallas Stars Jamie Benn was picked to play on the NHL Western Conference at the NHL All Star Game. It will be played in Ottawa on January 29. Also, Dave Campo, who was with the Dallas Cowboys as a defensive secondary coach and a head coach in 2002, was let go by the Cowboys recently. Don’t worry, he has landed a new job working with the Kansas Jayhawks. He will be the defensive coordinator under new Jayhawks Football Head Coach Charile Weis.
I got Yu, Yu, Yu. I got Yu babe. Yu can rign my bell. Any song that has the word you in it is changed to Yu, as in the new Rangers pitcher Yu Darvish. Rangers paid the $51 million dollars to talk to him, now he is here with a 6 year contract. The tall import has created buzz around the DFW, and hopes that he will be the one to get the Rangers over the World Series. If he is as advertised, folks around here will sing Yu are making my dreams come true.
Going after Yu Darvish shows that the Texas Rangers are serious about contending for the World Series title. And the perception around here and in the Major Leagues is changing about the Rangers. In 2010, it was who’s going to own the team due their financial situation. Now, it’s we go the funds to go after any player we want within reason. Prince Fielder is still on the Rangers wish list. Don’t look for the Rangers to be like the NY Yankees, who will spend mightly for a player. But Nolan Ryan and his front office crew will do he player moves smartly and wisely. And still committ to the current players on the roster. These are not the Rangers of old anymore.
They started at training camp in August. After a lockout, regular season, and playoff action, we not what the two team battling for footbball ‘s top prize. And they know each other from the last time they battled in a Super Bowl 4 years ago. New England and the NY Giants. What will this Super Bowl 45 battle looks like this time around? Eli Manning is salivating over the chance to throw to a Patriots defense that is bad, especially against the pass. Tom Brady is looking for redemption over the team that hung a loss on them four years ago. Again, the Giants are on a hot roll. New England suprised some by making it to the super bowl. Brady will have a better day in this game than he did in the AFC Championship game. Better enough to win over the Giants in two weeks.
And a update, Prince Fielder is now a Detroit Tiger. 6 year deal, and will tourture American League pitching. Hope Yu Darvish has an answer for a hitter who he has not seen, that big and that strong.