Someone wake me up when the NBA All Star weekend is over. Oh it is? Oh well. NBA’s biggest weekend usually has all kinds of excitement. How come is was a snoozer this year? Slam Dunk competition without the main stars. 3 point competition was the same. The Skill competition has some starpower this year. But the spark was not there compared to NBA All Star weekends from the past. Hopefully the NBA brass can do something to spike up the weekend, I suggest bring Angelica Jolie to the party. She know how to turn heads.
More from the All Star weekend, as the NBA gets back to business. Playoff positioning is the focus as teams chase for playoff spots, and your Dallas Mavericks are one of them as they continue to defend the NBA title. Some executives from other teams feel that the Mavs have the best chance to get guard Deron Williams and center Dwight Howard. Just imagine those two players along with Dirk Nowitzki. WOW!! Okay, now the reality. We can only get one of those two players. And if you have the choice between Deron and Dwight, consider the needs of the Mavs right now. Jason Kidd is nearing retirement, but don’t say that to him because he can still play. Roddy Beaubois is a free agent after this year. The need for a point guard is huge going into the off season. Deron Williams will fill that need, he is your point guard of the future for the Mavs. I could live with that destraction of a local kid coming home playing for the hometown team, and everyone wanting tickets. He is point guard that you want. If we can get him now, before the trade deadline, that would be great too. The need for center, Brendan Haywood is play well. Give him credit for playing in a spot that Tyson Chandler left open because he ended up as a Knick. Dwight is the dominating center right now, and he feels that his championship chances are not going to happen with the team that is assembled in Orlando. Dallas gives him the opportunity for that. Okay, given the need in the two positions that has our attention. Which free agent do you want???
Turning to football. Baylor’s Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III had his day at the NFL Combine. Think Angelica Jolie’s legs are impressive, RG3’s legs churned out a record 4.3 in the 40. Fastest time set by a QB in the combine. Just think of that speed blazing down the field on a Sunday. Which means defenses are thinking linebacker help to slow down RG3. He has his big NFL day in Waco coming up in March. And word on the street that the Washington Redskins want to move up to get him at number 2. The St. Louis Rams has that spot in the first round, so keep and eye out for that Cowboys fans. RG3 could be in the NFC East, which means two times a year the Pokes will face Michael Vick, Eli Manning, and the possibility of Robert Griffin III. Life could get tougher for the Cowboys as they continue to get better. Also, EA Sports just announced that RG3 will grace the cover of their popular NCAA Football video game coming this July.