If you follow Mark Cuban you know he is a results guy. Whether he is involved in his businesses that he runs, his Dallas Mavericks, or listening to proposals on the show «Shark Tank.» Mark likes positive returns on his investments. So when he saw a chance to get last years 6th man of the year Lamar Odom, and put him on the Mavs roster, it was going to compliment what Jason Terry does of the bench. Plus, to add someone who know about championships since Lamar won a title with the Lakers. Well, sometimes some moves don’t work out. Put it down as bad debt on the Lamar Odom move. A bad move at that. Lamar did not do anything while he was a Maverick. He had a hard time making the adjustment to his new team, and that reality show with Kolhe Kardashian was a bit taxing on him. The final straw on this was a road game in Memphis which Mark has had enough. Confronted Lamar to ask him are you in. Lamar gave no answer, which works like a no in Mark Cuban world. Lamar Odom got released by the Mavs, well he got put on the inactive list. And to make you more angry, he’s getting paid for the rest of the season. UGH!! Players were sick and tired of asking questions about of Lamar, the recent road trip brought it to a head.
The Lamar Odom era is ended in Dallas. Short but done. Mavs are playing better now that Lamar is done. Now the Mavs can concentrate on what’s ahead, which is the playoffs and the title defense.
The Texas Rangers are off to a fast start, as they try to get back to the World Series and finish the job. The offense is off the charts, Josh Hamilton is leading the way with an average over .400. You know the offense will be going full tilt for the Rangers. But what about the pitching you ask? Hu Darvish will struggle as he gets aclimated to the Major Leagues, but he has shown moments of greatness. In Minnesota, he played defense as he tagged out a runner going into home plate. Not the sight that Owner Nolan Ryan wants
to see, his star pitcher laid out trying to tag out a runner. But he does have guts to make a play like that. But here’s a gold nugget that the Rangers got a hold of out of nowhere. Robbie Ross was working at a snack factory two weeks ago, counting cheese puffs. The Rangers got hold of him and put him in the bullpen. Did not take long for Robbie to see action against Minniesota, facing Joe Mauer, which he struck out in key jams in the weekend series. Which the Rangers swept in their first road test. Robbie Ross does not have a blazing fast ball, but what he has moves around and makes hitters look bad. If he continues to pitch like that, John Daniels and Nolan Ryan have scored a pitcher that everyone overlooked, and every team in the majors wished they had. You got to love stories like that.