A team like the Texas Rangers, who is having a winning season, won’t ignore the fact that a extra editon to their line up would make the difference in winning a title. They got Hu Darvish, and that aquisiton has paid off. Still one more addition would tip the scale. During the off season, the Rangers were eying pitcher Roy Oswalt. Good pitcher, but Nolan Ryan went with Hu as their big off season pick up. While the season went along, Roy was on the sidelines, waiting for a call from a team who wants him. Some recent developments came up involving teams with injuries. The LA Angels has put their ace Jared Weaver on the injured list. And Roy Holliday is on the injured list in Philadelphia. This is another example why these are not the same old Texas Rangers management, Before the Angels or the Phillies pick up the phone, the Rangers has sealed the deal. Roy Oswalt is now a Ranger. With Netaly Feliz on the DL, the time was right to bring Oswalt on board. Great pitcher with a winning record, and can use up innings deep. That is what you want out of a pitcher. Great pick up by the Rangers brass who saw the window to get him, and they got him. And the overall best pitching staff in the American League, has got better.
The saga of Terrell Owens continues. This time, his stint in indoor football has ended. T.O. was let go by the Allen Wranglers, a team which T.O. part owns. He got released because he did not want to go on the Wranglers two game road trip. What tough times for Terrell Owens, who was on a recent Dr.Phil show which T.O. came face to face with his baby mamas looking for child support money. Now you wonder what NFL team would want him after this latest story in the career of T.O. And his severance check was a whopping $50….WOW!
I don’t have that much interest in the NBA draft lottery anymore. The Mavericks are not in it, and the lottery is alledgely fixed. Nontheless, the lottery is now history. New Orleans has the first pick. the first shot at Kentucky’s Anthony Davis. The center with the long arms. For Mavs fans their interest was in New Jersey/Brooklyn. The Nets guard Deron Williams is a free agent come July. The Mavs want him home. But if the balls go the Nets way with the number one pick, Deron stay in on the East Coast most likely. Well, the Nets end up with the sixth pick in the draft, which they will send to Portland. Which means the door has opened for Deron Williams to come to Dallas. But not so fast, the chance for the Nets to get Dwight Howard from Orlando is a possibility, and Deron might stay. It’s all about what team gives Deron the best shot at a championship. The Mavs have won one, and the window is still to win another NBA tittle. Dirk is a good centerpiece to builed on, the question is who is coming on board. July will be interesting..
Texas Rangers and Los Angeles Angels…Round 2. The Rangers took two out of three in the first go round in Arlington. The second go round is on the west coast. Errors and bad umpire calls cost the rangers games one and two. Needing a win, Nelson Cruz went big fly, and Matt Harrison great pitching got the Rangers the 7-3 win in the last game of the series. The Rangers know that the season is long, and anything can happen in a 162 game season. The Angels and Mariners have caught up with the Rangers to make the AL west interesting as we go into the summer months. Teams to look out for, Baltimore, who is occupying the AL East with former Rangers manager Buck Showalter leading the way. But look out for Boston. Bobby Valentine had his team mad at him. The fans mad at him. And that was in April. May and June have been different for the BoSox, who have been winning lately. And winning changes everyone’s perspective about you. There is plenty of baseball left, and there is plenty in store between now and Septemeber.