Driving around town recently, and heading southbound on the 75, I see a sign for the University of Alabama. Proof that football season is getting close to starting up. Alabama and Michigan opens the season at Cowboys Stadium on September 1st. Alabama is the defending national champions, and i bet they are going into this game with some chips on their shoulders. Bama is currently ranked at number 2.. Not that long ago, LSU was ranked number 1. Then the football player they call the «honey badger» got kicked off the LSU team for drugs. You would think that Bama would claim the number 1 ranking cause of that. Well this is why I dont’t really trust college football ranking services. USC is n now the number one team going into the first week of action. While Bama is still number 2. A team that was on probation for a whole season starts on top. Now, at the risk of sounding biased, if a head to head match up between Alabama and USC were to happen, and wow that would be a heck of a national championship, Alabama would win. The SEC has dominated college football for a while. And won the last 5 national championships for a reason, top competiton within the league, no pushover teams in the SEC. USC could cruse over most of the teams in the Pac 12, with the exception of Oregon. Bama would have played in more big games than USC, and they would be better prepared for a all or nothing battle. So if you are looking ahead to a great showdown of one against two, mark Alabama and USC in January. That would be a tantalizing game.
Going into the game with San Diego, the Dallas Cowboys had 20 players injured. And with the season opener on september 5th in the Meadowlands against NY Giants, the Pokes need all bodies ready. Question is, will Jason Witten be ready to go? The all pro tight end, and Tony Romo’s fave bail out reciever, is out with a lacerated spleen. No surgery required, but rest is needed. This affects two parts of the Cowboys offense. The offensive line, and receiving. And with Miles Austin’s hamstring problems, and Dez Bryant banging his knee, the pokes are running out of bodies. A slow start to the season is not what the Cowboys want, and try to make up for it in December. The Cowboys lull month. Remember what Steven Jones said, these players must play through the injuries. You can’t make the club in the tub. Nuff said.