The one thing I learned about covering sports is expect the unexpected.
Stories that come out of the blue work like a wicked punch if you are boxing someone. This past month, things have been normal around the DFW. Mavericks are positioning themselves for the post season. The Stars are trying to win as
many games as they can to secure a playoff spot for their first post season apperance in three years. Cowboys and the NFL are in the middle of the lockout squabble. The Texas Rangers, despite the news about Michael Young, have had a
normal camp going. The usual who will be the starting 5 in the pitching rotation. All have been business as usual, until the wicked punch happened.
Chuck Greenberg, the person who helped get the Rangers out of bankruptcy and MLB controlled ownership, is out as the team’s CEO. The guy who was the financial head man along with Nolan Ryan, stepped down from his position. We all are speculating on why the break up. Nolan is the baseball brains in the ownership, but one can wonder did Chuck step over the lines. Did they have a disagreement on the Michael Young situation? Was Chuck hungry to be more involved in the baseball side of the business that Nolan is in charge of? Did thing get unraveled after the World Series? We all are wondering what happen for this move to come to pass. In the press conference, Nolan was rather elusive in his answers when asked if Chuck asked about baseball operations, possibly getting too close to what Nolan does.
This move by the Rangers caught everyone by suprise. Just remember to be ready for the wicked punch.
The SMU Men’s basketball team are in the post season for the first time in 2003. I don’t know about college insider dot com tournament, nontheless the Ponies are in. They will ride Papa Dia as far as the Mustangs can go. He was awarded the Coneferce USA Defensive Player of the Year award, and first team conference honors.
We will see how the Mustang fair in this tournament as they open with Oral Roberts. We will keep progress on the Ponies post season.