With one more month to go in baseball’s regular season, the Texas Rangers are in a nice spot. A good lead over Oakland and the LA Angels. The hitting has bounced back from the July slump. And the pitching is coming around. Most fans will complain that the Rangers starting pitching has not been solid due to the injuies within the starting pitching staff.
Nontheless, this staff is still chugging along, and with closer Joe Nathan, with over 20 saves so far, the Rangers are just a hot streak away from wrapping up the AL west.. There are some games involved with Oakland and LA Angels. So don’t start printing up AL Champion t shirts just yet. And the new pieces should contribute to the Rangers cause. From the Chacago Cubs, Ryan Dempster has a strong outing abainst Minnesota Twins, 6 innings and gets the win. And his catcher Giovani Soto has a effective bat. Usually we talk about Cowboys football around this time. And we will in a bit. But now the Rangers are making folks think about baseball longer. Which is a good thing.
Ahhhhh. Remember when we were kids? Causing trouble, and our parents delivered the punishment whether we got grounded or certain privilages were taken from us. Seems like Dallas Cowboys Dez Bryant is still a kid. And he is given some guidelines to act right during the season. Remember, he had that domestic dust up with his mom a few months ago. With that, here are the rules Dez must adbide by. Curfew at 12 midnight. No alcoholic drinks, no going to strip clubs, only clubs the Cowboys approve. Always have someone to take you to te practce, the games, any team function. Wow, there are kids whos curfew is around 1a. Well Dez has been a bad boy since he got here, and this gives him a chance to be accountable for his actions. And to concentrate more on the games in hand. In a season the Cowboys must come through.