Well we are waiting and waiting for the NFL to make that big annoucement, that popcorn will be served at all stadiums. Oh yes, that lockout thing too. In the meantime, your NBA Champions the Dallas Mavericks are having a fun summer as they make the rounds, talking about the playoff experience and the feeling of being champs.
That love contiuned at the recent ESPY awards. The ESPN driven awards show honoring the best in sports in the past year. The Dallas Mavericks were nominated for 4 ESPY’s, and got three of them. Leading the way is Mr. MVP Dirk Nowitzki, who got 2 for best male athlete and best NBA player. And the whole Mavericks team won for team of the year, knocking off the Miami Heat can do that for you. What next for the Mavs, who knows. The have a while, the NBA is in lockout mode too.
The Texas Rangers are a red hot team. Out of the gate after the All Star Game break, the Rangers are a recent 11 wins in a row hot streak team, looking to hide with the American League West title. Question is, do the Rangers make a
move to get another arm or bat to help their effort to win another title. I say no because its easy to make a trade just to make a trade. And giving up farm prospects are a killer in a trade, sending players you are grooming for the
future only to trade them for a quick fix. I like the mix we got right now, and we can say who’s Cliff Lee? The starting pitching is guiding the Rangers streak, with 2 runs given up in 4 games against Seatte. This staff has a lot to prove as the get into the teeth of a pennant chase. The question is the pitching on the Rangers has enough bite to take it all the way?