To quote former Cowboys Head Coach Bill Parcells, «you are who you are.» After four games in this NFL season, the Dallas Cowboys are at 2-2, with two week layoff before the game with New England. The boys could have been 3-1 or 4-0, and people who are in the NFL look at you much different with those records
compared to 2-2. A team with issues, that is what the Cowboys are. And you can hang the two losses on Tony Romo, who look so unbeatable in the first three quarters of the game against Detroit. Passes were crisp, offense was rolling along nicely. Then the fourth quarter came around, just like in the NY Jets game. Not one but two interceptions went back for touchdowns, when the Pokes were up 27-3. They could not get the handle on the game after those two touchdowns, and the Lions were in comeback mode which is their early season trademark. 34-30 was the ugly result, and Tony Romo is the blame for the debacle at Cowboys Stadium. Was it the lack of a running game, or the inability of Romo to pass the ball to another receiver that is open. The defense should get partial blame for not stopping the Lions on the drive that put them in the lead. But most of the blame falls in the hands of the QB. This reminds me of that game 4 of the NBA playoffs with Dallas and Portland, with the Mavs having the big lead before the roof caved in during the 4th quarter. The result after that, well you know the Mavs won it all. Now for the big question for the Cowboys, with the New England game coming up after the bye week, was this the Cowboys game 4 bad moment. Can they bounce back after this? And could this be the catylist for a Cowboys run to the playoff. I’m just hoping for a positive sign with the season. And we all are.
We go from the Cowboys biggest collaspe in their team’s history, to a signifigant breakthrough victory for SMU. Coach June Jones is in his fourth year as head coach of the Mustangs. He took the Ponies to two back to back bowl games, but he has not had that shock and awe blockbuster win, until now. The Ponies went to Ft. Worth to face the #20 TCU Horned Frogs. And the Mustangs took the battle to them. QB J.J McDermott had a big day with 349 passing yards and 4 touchdown passes. The final score does not show the domination that the Mustangs had on the Horned Frogs, but you knew that TCU would comeback and they did with a late touchdown to tie the game 33-33. McDermott’s pass to Darius Johnson in overtime gave the Ponies the lead, and their defense sealed the deal with a pass break up. The 40-33 win over TCU is a shock and awe win because they did it on the road, and they showed poise in getting the victory. QB J.J. McDermott won player of the week honors for what he did saturday. And wide receiver Darius Johnson won two honors for his play saturday. player of the week, and Conference USA player of the week. Big win for the Mustangs, and big congratulations to Head Coach June Jones for getting that breakthrough win.