Well I’m up and out of the hospital. Had a health scare. It came on the same weekend the Rangers lost in 7 to the St.Louis Cardinals and the Cowboys losing to Philadelphia.
I remember going to sleep in the emergency room, with the Cowboys game on. The Martellus Bennett finger tip pass that eneded up as an Eagles pick put me to sleep. I woke up when I heard the score, Eagles 34 Cowboys 7. I screamed WHAT!!!! Well, the Philly bandwagon looked like it was filling up as most people was going to give the Super Bowl title to Michael Vick and his Eagles. That fire was put out by Chicago on Monday Night Football.
Now you wonder about the state of the Dallas Cowboys, as they look to the easy part of their season. And they can benefit by the NY Giants tough second half schedule, the Eagles inability to hold leads, and the Redskins slow fade. As weird as it sounds, the Cowboys could win the NFC East, with two games against the NY Giants coming up. A hot streak is there for the Cowboys for the taking. Make DeMarco Murray the main running back, who can run and run well.
Ron Ryan must stop the opposing team’s running attack, which has sprung leaks in the past few games. And do you cringe when the Cowboys get into the red zone? I am not the only one. Coach Jason Garrett gets a bit cute with the play calling in close because we don’t have the offensive line to slam it in. The Pokes
are playing .500 ball. In the post NFL lockout action, it is a log jam of teams just like the Cowboys with issues. Who ever gets in the playoffs will be chum to the sharks known as the Green Bay Packers as they are steamrolling to another Super Bowl championship.
Rangers left us heartbroken, and the NBA is in lockout mode. The Dallas Stars are doing well in the early go. The defense and goalkeeping is carrying this team. Now the offense has kicked in, and giving fans hopes of Stanley. And with the NBA in lockout mode, we should give hockey our 100% attention now. And the Stars will keep me awake if they stay hot.