I’m gonna steer away from the all tne news coming from Penn State. The more I hear and read about ongoing news coming from there it makes my hair stand up on in. Most of you feel the same. So I’m gonna talk about the games on the field, which is a relief for a change. There was a thriller of a game in Boise as TCU took on Boise State, who had dreams of a BCS championship with a number 5 ranking. The second half of this game is all you need to know about this game. The
Horned Frogs were up 20-14 starting the second half, that changed with one play. TCU commits a fumble that was ran in for a touchdown, followed by a Kellen Moore touchdown pass. Boise State was poised to run away up 28-20 when the Frogs got going on offense. QB Casey Pashall drove the Frogs 80 yards and capped the drive with a touchdown pass and a two point conversion to tie the game at 28-28. Boise State Kellen Moore puts the Broncos back in fromt with a touchdown pass for a 35-28 lead, And it looked like the Broncos were gonna win this battle. But a Bronco fumble was tbe gift that the Frogs needed late in the game. Casey Paschall loaed up and threw a 25 yard pass to Brandon Carter. Then in a bold move, the Frogs went for two and got it on pass to Josh Boyce. Boise State had a chance to win at the end. But Broncos kicker Dan Goodale attempt to win it went wide, and the Frogs escaped with a 36-35 win, Last year, the Horned Frogs went 13-0 with a BCS win over Wisconsin, and a number 3 ranking. This year they influenced the BCS action by spoiling the number five ranked Boise State chances at number one.
The Dallas Stars are off to their best start in years. After two months, new Stars coach Glen Gultzman has his team going down the winning path. Hopefully, that path will leat the Stars to the post season and a chance at the Stanley Cup. Back in 1999, the Stars won the Stanley Cup in a 6 game battle with the Buffalo Sabres. Two players who were a big part of bring Stanley to Dallas got the ultimate hockey honor. Hall of Fame. Joe Nieuwendk, who is the current Stars General Manager, helped the Stars in their quest for the cup with his timely goals and his gritty defense. Ed Belfour helped the Stars by being solid behind the net. That duo now has spot in the Hockey Hall of Fame, and the hearts of Stars fans for what they did in 1999.