For the Texas Rangers and Dallas Cowboys, the two words one must ask is «what next?» For the Texas Rangers, who are still glowing after going to the World Series form the first time in their history, its trying to retain Cliff Lee. The New York Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman went to Cliffs off season home in Arkansas for a meet and greet. No contract was offered, but the
Yankees has put the card out there that they want Cliff Lee. The Texas Rangers dont want to get into a bidding war, but under the Greenburg-Ryan ownership, they are in better position to make a run at Lee compaired to seasons past.
Pitching is key again, look what the Giants did to the Rangers offense. Having Lee back would be huge. The next question to what next is what will it take to keep Cliff Lee.

Can a coaching change make a difference so profround the difference is like night and day? In the case of the Dallas Cowboys, yes.
The Cowboys looked lifeless withe Wade Phillips coaching the. They were going through the motions and playing with no purpose. The 45-7 loss to Green Bay was too much for Owner and General Manager Jerry Jones to take. He did something that has never happened in Cowboys history, fire a coach in mid season.

Enter Offensive coordinator Jason Garrett. Yes, the same guy who was the third string QB in the Cowboys glory days in the nineties. And the same guy fans want to see go along with Wade Phillips. The days leading up to his
coaching debut, he did some things that put his trademark that this is his team, Like wearing the pads and full contact practices. And wearing suits on away game trips. Running back Marion Barber did not get the message, and he was
punished by not playing in the starting line up.

Did the changes work? A different looking Pokes team, dismantled a hot NY Giants team 33-20. The offense was on fire, and the defense kept Eli Manning off balance all afternoon. The lights went off during the third quarter at Meadowlands Stadium. Safe to say the Cowboys pulled the plug on the Giants, on their way to their 2nd win this season.
Maybe a new voice was needed at Valley Ranch to wrangle the Cowboys in. This may be a job audition for Jason Garrett, And he should be in the mix when Jerry Jones interviews head coaching prospects. For one week. the Pokes looked like the super bowl contending team people picked them to be. Its a darn shame they are too late to get into the post season mix.