The GOP Self-Immolated a Decade Ago before Donald J. Trump


Over a decade ago, the San Francisco Chronicle exposed then California Republican Party Chairman Ron Nehring for hiring an Australian illegal immigrant to be Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the Party.
I detailed the scandal in articles and an Amazon e-book.
Nehring’s cohort of radical ultra-conservatives screamed. They haven’t changed, they are Trump’s “base” today that chant “MEXICO” will pay for Trump’s “wall.”
They accused me of smearing Nehring and his intimate illegal alien male friends. Nehring’s crony successor as San Diego Party Chairman Tony Krvaric publicly called me a liar. He is still party Chairman. He is overseeing the shrinking GOP in the 8th largest American city.
Nehring had hired an Australian man to run the state party as Chief Operating Officer (COO). He had been ordered deported, been jailed by the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS); he had attempted two fraudulent marriages to American women to become “legal.”
The man was an illegal alien with absolutely no California political or Republican experience. Except, of course, that he is an intimate friend of Chairman Ron Nehring and Nehring’s former boss, Washington D.C.’s Grover Norquist.
Was Party Chairman Ron Nehring himself a federal lawbreaker?
Where is the certified I-9 Form he was required to file with the Federal government when he hired the Australian? Did Nehring see the man’s “Green Card” as required by law? Nehring says he can’t remember if he saw it.
Then there is his Federal law breaking in 2003. Nehring hired a Canadian citizen to work for the San Diego Party during the Recall Governor Davis campaign (of which I was a Statewide Official Spokesman).
Nehring said the Canadian came to San Diego because he wanted to help in the Recall of Davis. After volunteering for a month, Nehring says, he was so impressed with the twenty-something foreigner that he hired him. Question, did the Canadian have a work visa, or a Green Card?” Did Nehring file an I-9 form as required by federal law? Did he see any documents? If he didn’t, this was an illegal hire of an illegal alien.
If Nehring didn’t file I-9 Forms with the federal government on either of these foreigners, Nehring was a Federal law breaker subject to prison if convicted. Couldn’t Nehring find any Californians or any American citizens to work for the Party?
Additionally, Nehring’s Party was broke going into the 2008 election year. I wrote about that and posited that major donors not only had turned off the dollar spigot but that they were insisting privately that Nehring had to go.
San Diego Party Chairman Tony Krvaric and another Nehring intimate, Duane Dichiara of the San Diego Party, wrote I was a “pro-illegal immigration activist and all around gad fly” and that he didn’t “know what money people (Contreras) knows well enough that they will return his call…”
Chuckle. Dichiara, a Nehring spear-carrier, could not explain why Governor-to-be Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 2003 campaign had the Recall Committee hire me as an official committee spokesman doing statewide California radio and television appearances.
Governor Schwarzenegger abandoned Nehring’s Party by not assigning his chief fundraiser, Marty Wilson, to help the Party raise money. Moneyman Marty Wilson recommended my hire as spokesman for the Recall Committee.
News out of Orange County affirmed and validated my projections from months before that major Republican donors were abandoning the Party of Ron Nehring.
A major donor is “pressuring the California GOP to overhaul its operations, depicting Chairman Ron Nehring as an ineffective, insular manager apparently more concerned with promoting conservative purity than electing Republicans.”
The Register: “In a four-page letter (January 31, 2008) to Nehring obtained by The Associated Press, Larry Dodge outlines a litany of complaints against the state party, from sinking registration numbers to suspect expenditures by party officers.”
Dodge wrote: “The registration gap (with Democrats) is widening, contributions are drying up, key posts have been left open for a year, staff is being laid off and there is a never-ending string of reports which is causing long-term damage to the image of the party.”
“Immediate comprehensive action is required,” Dodge wrote. “The stakes are too high, the problems too deep, to do otherwise.”
The Associated Press: Dodge “strongly hints in the letter that he may withhold a $3 million check he was planning to write within days to retire the state party’s long-standing debt. That would be a devastating financial blow in the midst of the 2008 election season.”
He was not alone, Republican California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger referred to the Party dying under Nehring and his intimate circle of incompetents by declaring: “We are dying at the box office.” The statement refers to shrinking statewide Party rolls. Nehring’s stewardship saw 170,000 Republicans disappear from voter rolls.
The AP, (2008) the state GOP’s main account had a balance of $3.2 million but $3.4 million in unpaid obligations. The party’s federal account – used to finance activities that support congressional candidates – listed a balance of $34,000 but nearly $460,000 in debts.”
The Party was technically Chapter 7 bankrupt in a Presidential election year. Chairman Ron Nehring and his illegal alien friends had destroyed the California Republican Party that had created the “nation-state” of California and given the country Vice-Presidential candidates Hiram Johnson (1916), Earl Warren (1948), Richard Nixon (1952, 1956) and Presidents Richard Nixon (1968, 1972) and Ronald Reagan (1980, 1984).
The slow tortuous death of the national GOP started over a decade ago when the California GOP was taken over by die hard rightwing fanatics led by a chairman who flouted the law by hiring illegal alien Canadian and Australian men to fill party jobs. Apparently no Americans “were available” to fill GOP jobs in the 40-million person “nation –state” of California.