<!--:es-->The Living Opera Announces 2009 Educational Outreach Tour 
Girl Meets Boy in Puccini’s La Boheme!<!--:-->

The Living Opera Announces 2009 Educational Outreach Tour Girl Meets Boy in Puccini’s La Boheme!

Dallas, Texas – October 2008 -The Living Opera’s Educational Outreach Tour is a great way to introduce children to the incomparable art of opera. Each spring, we bring an operatic presentation to schools throughout north Texas. These performances are designed to show children how accessible and fun opera can be, helping them to form a positive impression of opera.

“What’s Going On?” Program

For 2009, The Living Opera will present an interactive program called “What’s Going On?” As opposed to presenting a short opera we have decided to make this year’s program more educational. The idea for the program came when a child was heard saying, “This is so stupid! I can’t even understand what they are saying! What’s going on?!” In this program we attack the language barrier head on. The program focuses on how opera can transcend the language barrier and tells a story that everyone most definitely understands. Students are exposed to how powerful the storytelling in opera truly is by addressing their two biggest complaints, opera is “not understandable” and “in a foreign language”. While we will admit the later, we strongly disagree with the former and have set out to disprove this to students.

Our presentation, called “Boy Meet’s Girl” is the self-contained last half of the first act of Puccini’s masterpiece, La Boheme. This is not your traditional stuffy La Boheme. Gone are the “old” and “gray” Mimi and Rodolfo, these lovers are young, beautiful, and very similar to the couples students are likely to see in their local mall. We move the story from Paris France 1830, to Dallas Texas 2009. We are in the middle of a power blackout during a storm and thus the stage is set for one of the most famous candle scenes known in opera or theatre!

THE DETAILS: Our Composer-in-Residence and Principal Guest Conductor – Gregory Sullivan Isaacs – will act as both MC and pianist on our journey through La Boheme. We will supply teachers with a brief study guide as well as a student study guide with information about the opera, the book on which it is based, a biography of the composer and librettist, biographies of the singers and Maestro Isaacs, something about The Living Opera, and mention of the transmutation of La Boheme into the Broadway hit – Rent, a show many are likely to at least be loosely aware of – most would be surprised to find out it started it’s life as an opera!

Educators and Education Administrators interested in the TLO Educational Outreach Program should contact us for more details on the “What’s Going On?” Program and a small packet including pages from the study guide, a bio on Pulitzer Prize nominated composer and TLO Principal Guest Conductor, Gregory Sullivan Isaacs, a price listing, and complete outline of the program please contact us at info@thelivingopera.org.