Like swarms of angry hornets, the National Guard will smother the border with Mexico to stop all drug smuggling, people smuggling and 10-year-old children that walk from Honduras looking for a safe place to grow up. All 500 or more. Wow!

Laugh out loud!

Despite the Commander-in-Chief’s impromptu declarations that the military had to go to the border to shut it down to keep “rapists” and other bad actors from crossing the border it is against the law for the military to enforce any laws, civilian laws, on the border. It’s called the Posse Comitatus law.
It was passed by Southern Democrat Congressmen and Northern Republicans as part of a deal to break a tie Presidential electoral vote in 1876 between Republican Rutherford Hayes and Democrat Samuel Tilden. Hayes was installed as President on two conditions: One for Hayes to be President and for federal troops to leave the South after occupying it for 10 years.
The U.S. military cannot enforce civilian laws and can only be used in the U.S. in places declared to be under Presidential-imposed “martial law.”
It was obvious to informed people that President Trump had no idea what he was declaring about the military and the border. Eventually, his harried, uninformed staff managed to state that the President meant the National Guard was going to the border to help the helpless Border Patrol despite border crossings and apprehensions being at a 46-year-low. And don’t believe there has been a surge, It is traditional that when winter breaks people come north. Winter has broken.
Two days after Trump’s announcement, however, the Pentagon announced that a Department of Defense employee is being assigned to organize a “24/7 cell” to work with the Department of Homeland Security to organize National Guard help for the border “crisis” the President claims to ongoing.
We’ve been here before. Under Bush 43 and Barack Obama. The efforts were fraudulent then and the Trump initiative today is also fraudulent. Another Trump figment of his imagination.
Here is what really happens when the National Guard is expensively deployed to the border. They sweep offices. They empty trash cans. They drive buses and trucks. They stand on hill-tops and look through binoculars at the border and into Mexico.
They are unarmed. They cannot arrest anyone. They cannot stop anyone from crossing the border or question anyone that does cross the border, legally or illegally. They cannot man border inspection gates. They can answer phones. They can enter data into federal computers. They cannot stand guard at immigration detention centers.
Those are the things the National Guard can and cannot do.

From real life and experience:
During the Bush National Guard on the border, I was returning to the U.S. from Tijuana one day. After waiting an hour or two in a traffic lane, I finally inched up to an immigration officer who had all my info in his computer that he could see after a computer had scanned my U.S. passport card 50 feet before the officer.
He asked me why I had visited Mexico. Dentist, I answered. Where do you live? In University City. Where were you born? Mexico City. What’s your citizenship? American (which was on his computer that had read it on my card). Have a good day, he said, waving me through. Twenty feet away, stood a National Guard Corporal (E-4) who waved me down and “ordered” me into Secondary Inspection. I said, “What for, I’ve been cleared by the immigration officer. I’m in the U.S.”

The corporal snapped,
“Because I said so.”
I laughed and told him clearly to have sex with himself. I drove off wondering if red lights and sirens would follow me onto Interstate 5. Didn’t happen. The corporal broke the law, not me.
President Trump’s “military” on the border is a fraud. The only “military” thing about the National Guard on the border is U.S. Army uniforms and Army pay checks paid for with our tax money.