“The President Lies; His People Lie”


Anonymous federal officers, some it seems from prison staff as far away as Texas, joined horse-riding U.S. Park Police, officers on foot with batons, formerly called billie clubs, and D.C. police officers to clear the White House-fronting Lafayette Square from protesters so the President of the United States could show us what a tough guy he is. He surrounded himself with people from the White House, cabinet officers including the Secretary of Defense, one Army General dressed in “cammies,” or as some in the media called them – “Battle Dress” not his regular dress uniform he wears to the White House, his Chief of Staff and Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, who carried a fashionable purse (handbag?), large, expensive and full of stuff women need to stay looking good, including a bible.
Lafayette Square that an hour before contained hundreds of peaceful protesters had been cleared by baton swinging officers and horse police so that President Trump could walk across the Square to the Episcopol church that arson-prone protesters had set aflame the night before. When he reached a sign-board with the church’s name on it, President Trump quit walking, turned around and waited for photographers and TV camera crews to stop and set up. When they were ready, Trump’s daughter stepped up to her father and pulled a bible out of her large purse and handed it to him. He raised it and photographers drowned all sound with the collective noise of their cameras clicking away. Trump said nothing.
Photo op! Thousands of people around the U.S. protesting the murder of one man, a Black man, and the President of the United States stands in front of a church holding a bible up so people can see him doing something.
Question: Ivanka being Jewish, was the bible an Old Testament or a New Testament bible?
But there was no photo op when Trump, his wife Melania and their son Baron were hustled into the White House underground bunker on Friday when the White House was besieged by protestors who threatened the safety of all inside the White House. No problem. However, President Trump lied about what happened and posted a lie on his Twitter account claiming that he went down to the underground bunker at the suggestion of the Secret Service so he could “inspect” the facility. And, he said in a “tweet” that he was only there for a “tiny” amount of time. Lie. Lie.
As this is written. Attorney General William Barr, just responded to a question about the underground bunker incident; he said: “Things were so bad, the Secret Service recommended the President go to the bunker” for safety. President Trump lied, according to Attorney General Barr.
Why lie? Come on Mr. President, we’d all understand if the Secret Service told you your safety required using the bunker. No problem. So, why lie? A “tiny” inspection visit?
Then, why let your new Press Secretary lie on Tuesday about how Lafayette Square was cleared for your walk to your photo op? She was questioned the following day by media reporters about why tear gas and rubber bullets were used to clear the square when the protesters were peaceful?
McEnany: “No tear gas was used and no rubber bullets were used.”
Question: “Chemical agents were used?”
McEnany: “So again, no tear gas was used, no rubber bullets were used.”
Question: “Why are you making a distinction?”
McEnany: Let me…

Question: “Chemical agents were used? We talked to an Episcapol priest who said she was gassed. Others say they were tear gassed in that area.”
McEnany: “Well no one was tear-gassed. Let me make that clear. That’s been confirmed by the Dept. of Defense and by Park Services, as well.”
Press Secretary McEnany lied.
Four days later, the U.S. Park Police admitted that “chemical agents and pepper balls” were used to disperse the crowd in Lafayette Square. The “chemical agents” were not “tear gas” but had the exact same effects on those exposed to them, eye and lung irritation as tear gas.
The President’s Press Secretary lied; the President lied. The only man who told the truth was Attorney General William Barr.
The truth was clear about the Lafayette Square incident. American citizens practicing their God-given government protected 1st amendment rights of free speech, free assembly and free expression, were attacked by armed officers clubbing, gassing and using “chemical agents” and those in charge lying about the incident. Afterward, the President lied about what happened and so did his Press Secretary. The “Park Services” and the United States Attorney General told the truth. They, however, are not on the ballot on November 3.