«The President v. Senate Minority Democrats”


The United States Supreme Court has eight members today after the death of Justice Ruth Gader Ginsburg. Five are Republican Appointees and three are Clinton/Obama picks. In a few days President Trump will nominate a Republican woman to fill the now vacant Ginsburg seat.
The three sitting justices appointed by Clinton/Obama are Jewish. Ruth Bader Ginsburg was also Jewish.
The five Republican-appointed justices are Roman Catholics. Interesting.
Justice Neil Gorsuch, appointed by President Trump, was raised Catholic but attends an Episcopal church in Virginia. There are no bona fide Protestants on the court and haven’t been since Justice John Paul Stevens retired.
Will President Trump appoint another Roman Catholic to the Supreme Court? If so, does that mean the end of Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court decision that loosed legalized abortions? Roe v. Wade has accounted for the death of 63 million American babies.
There are many of us that are uncomfortable with Roe v. Wade and how many children have been aborted since Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973
Does it also mean that the Roman Catholic philosophy of helping the needy and respecting life before any other thinking will protect the vulnerable among us? Does it mean that the Supreme Court will keep government nutrition, health and financial programs alive such as Obamacare (and protection of existing health problems) while terminating the abortion industry?
Does it mean that the strangle hold Harvard and Yale law schools have on the Supreme Court will be broken?
Who President Trump nominates is unknown at this moment but three names of three women are being thoroughly discussed by observers of the court, the Trump Administration and here. They are:
Justice Amy Coney Barret, 48, of the Seventh Circuit Court who graduated from Notre Dame’s law school; summa cum laude, 1st in her class…Roman Catholic…
Barbara Lagoa, 52, of the 11th Circuit Court who graduated from Columbia Law School, Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s alma mater…1st Hispanic woman named to Florida Supreme Court and to 11th Circuit of the Court of Appeals…Roman Catholic…
Allison Jones Rushing, 38, of the 4th Circuit and a graduate of Duke University’s law school…Protestant

If one was handicapping these women, one would take into account their academic histories — all three were academically excellent, how the Senate voted for them for their important appointments by President Trump since he became President, and lastly their histories on their respective Courts of Appeal.
The question for President Trump and those around him is — Will this appointment make an impression on the court or will she be another David Souter who was a gigantic disappointment? Or will she be another Ruth Bader Ginsburg?
If the appointment was up to this writer, the choice would be Amy Coney Barret; she is a strong proponent of the 4th Amendment’s protection against unreasonable searches and seizures and has decided against “qualified immunity” for what the street calls “bad cops.”
Politically, her sitting in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee with her five natural born children and two adopted Haitian children fending off Kamala Harris, appeals to my sense of verbal political combat.
If President Trump nominates her or either of the other two women mentioned above, the fight is joined and the appointee will be seated on the Court before Christmas.
That is as it should be. Republicans number 53 of a hundred Senators. As Barack Obama says, “Elections have consequences.”
Republicans hold the White House and the Senate. The Constitution states clearly that the President shall present a candidate for the Supreme Court to the senate and a majority of Senators present shall give their “advice and consent” to the President’s nominee. It doesn’t say an election-year appointment must wait until a Presidential election is held.