Has President Trump done anything right? Yes! In the never-ending war on and against terrorism, President Trump and his Administration stood up to international terrorism in a little noticed victory over one of the most significant acts of terror experienced in the United States ever before the Egyptian/Saudi attack on the U.S. on September 11, 2001.
Contrary to pro-Armenian accolades by President Trump’s ultimate “intellectual” supporter Victor Davis Hanson, retired California college professor, who described Armenian immigrants as a “model” immigrant community (Mexifornia, Encounter Books, pages 19-33), criminal Armenian gangs in Los Angeles have shoot-outs on city streets at high noon, partner with other criminal gangs, and organize terrorist acts in the U.S. as well as send Armenian Christian gang members to fight Christians in Syria.
Nor does Professor Hanson refer his students nor any Americans, especially his precious President Trump to the most significant contribution his “model” immigrant Armenians have brought to the United States – terrorism by assassination. They also brought corruption to the vaunted objective judicial system of California.
Specifically, we refer to the murders of three Turkish diplomats by Armenian immigrants in Southern California, two north of Los Angeles in 1973 and one on the streets of West Los Angeles in 1982.
Septuagenarian Armenian immigrant Gourgen M. Yannikian enticed two Los Angeles-based diplomats – the Turkish Consul General and Vice-consul – to a Santa Barbara hotel and shot and killed both men. He was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison. As one of his first official acts in 1983, Armenian American California Governor George Deukmejian commuted the sentence after ten years.
While Attorney General Deukmejian was running for governor, Turkish Consul General Kemal Arikan was shot to death in his car waiting at a red light on a street bordering the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) in 1982. An immediate claim of responsibility was made to the Associated Press in a phone call in Washington, D.C. by the JCAG (Justice Commandos of the Armenian Genocide).
The murderer: 19 year-old Armenian immigrant by way of Lebanon Hampig (Harry) M. Sassounian. He was convicted and sentenced to life without parole. His legal defense was financed by contributions of thousands of Armenians in Canada and the U.S.
Here enters blatant political corruption by Armenian American California Supreme Court justices both of whom were appointed by Armenian American Governor George Deukmejian. History Professor Hanson apparently is unaware of these Armenian miscreants who defiled the highest court of California.
To wit: Sassounian appealed his conviction by claiming prosecutors used information from a planted jail-house “snitch.” The appeal was denied by the appeals court; Sassounian then appealed to the state Supreme Court on which sat Armenian Americans Armand Arabian and Marvin Baxter (AKA Bagdasarian) both of whom were appointed by Deukmejian. Rather than recusing themselves from considering the appeal, the two voted, along with two other justices to hear the appeal. Four justice votes were required to hear the appeal.
Once the appeal hearing was granted, the two Armenian American Supreme Court justices recused themselves from hearing the appeal. It was denied unanimously by the court. End of story? No.
Sassounian has applied for parole every two years since his conviction. Here is where President Trump enters.
“Harry” has been denied parole every time, until, that is, 2016 when he convinced the California Parole Board that he was remorseful for the murder. After 34 years, the Board recommended parole; it sent its recommendation to the most prolific pardon and parole grantor in California history, four-term governor Pat Brown, Jr. Expensive criminal defense attorney (of Michael Jackson) Mark Geragos told the press, “This was a young kid, clearly swayed by the emotion of the time…who is now being used as a political football.”
Governor Brown vetoed the parole; he did not believe Sassounian’s claim of remorse. Sassounian was lying about his remorse, Brown said. His proof: in 2012 Sassounian wrote a letter to an Armenian military newspaper in which he stated “he dreamed of the day Armenia could manufacture its weapons and that when he returned, he would go to the border (with Azerbaijan) to defend (Armenia)…I am a soldier,” he wrote, “until the day I die.”
Governor Brown was not alone. President Trump’s position was relayed to Governor Brown by then U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in strong objections to Sassounian’s potential release. Attorney Geragos: “I don’t understand why the state department is involved.” LAUGH OUT LOUD!
“An attack on diplomacy” is what they described as Sassounian’s potential parole. “The release,” they wrote, “would make all diplomats—whether from the United States or elsewhere—less safe.
Though terrorism threatens the U.S. every day, our alertness to the threat must be effective. President Trump, through his cabinet members, struck a blow against terrorism that is universal and not limited to Muslims. Sassounian is a Christian as are all Armenian terrorists and their supporters, even those born American like California born Monte Melkonian, the University of California educated killer of Christian and Muslim victims in Lebanon, France and Azerbaijan.
President Donald J. Trump is not always right but on this case of Armenian terrorism in California, he is 1000 percent right.
Terrorist “Harry” Hampig M. Sassounian is still in prison. Thanks in part to President Trump. His vigorous opposition to release of this political assassin furthers the American struggle with terrorism and terrorists.