<!--:es-->Una extraña coincidencia en el debate 
…Michelle y Ann en duelo de moda<!--:-->

Una extraña coincidencia en el debate …Michelle y Ann en duelo de moda

La Primera Dama de EEUU, Michelle Obama, y la esposa del candidato republicano Mitt Romney, Ann, eligieron el mismo rosado vibrante para los vestidos que usaron en el segundo debate presidencial en la Universidad Hofstra de Nueva York. Ambas se veían espectaculares y resaltaban entre el rojo y el azul predominante en la sala. ¿Quién lo lució mejor?

Ann Romney’s Blue Nails: Mitt’s Wife Went Kind Of Edgy At Last Night’s Debate

When both First Lady Michelle Obama and Mitt’s wife Ann Romney stepped in front of the cameras last night at the end of the second presidential debate, the Internet’s immediate reaction to the matching bright pink dresses was naturally, who wore it better? While we left that up for discussion, we had to zero in on the ladies’ respective accessories and beauty choices to see what really differentiated their looks.
While Michelle kept it minimal with ladylike pearls, Ann spiced it up with hints of blue: a translucent, turquoise bead necklace and… lavender-blue nails. Kind of edgy for Ann, no? Or maybe not. She’s thrown her hat into the less-conventional nail game before; she was seen wearing a deep eggplant shade recently in Tampa, Florida. She does love her nail polish, and seems to consider the color based on her outfit, as we saw with her matchy-matchy red nails at the Republican National Convention in August.
How are you feeling about Ann’s blue nails? Is this another attempt on her part to prove she can keep up with the fashion powerhouse that is Michelle Obama?