Universidad de los Andes to Establish Testing Center to Administer ETS Graduate Admissions Test

Princeton, N.J. (CapitalWirePR).- The Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia has announced that it will be a testing center for the EXADEP™ exam, or Examen de Admisión a Estudios de Posgrado. Among other institutions that administer the admissions test for post-graduate studies in Colombia are the Universidad Industrial de Santander and the Universidad Tecnológica de Bolívar.

Educational Testing Service (ETS) developed the EXADEP test with the assistance of experts and researchers from Latin America, , Puerto Rico and the United States. ETS also created the Test of English as a Foreign Language™ (TOEFL®) and the Test of English for International Communication™ (TOEIC®).

According to Universidad de los Andes and ETS officials, test administrations will begin in fall 2009 for an estimated 1,000 examinees. They expect about 1,800 test takers in 2010. Griselle Rodríguez, manager of the ETS office in Puerto Rico, worked with the Universidad de los Andes to reach the testing agreement.

A valid, reliable and fair assessment of graduate-level skills, the EXADEP exam is designed specifically for native speakers of Spanish. The test is an objective standard comparison consistent with the Bologna Process and the Tuning Latin America Project. It helps officials predict how a candidate will perform in graduate, post graduate or professional and scholarship programs.

Used for four decades, the highly regarded test is administered for graduate admissions in Mexico, Argentina, other Latin American countries, Puerto Rico and the United States. In Mexico, for example, the Universidad de las Américas en Puebla, the Universidad Anáhuac-Huixquilucan and the Universidad Panamericana, both in Mexico City, are among the institutions offering the exam.

“We are extremely pleased that such a prestigious university has agreed to offer the EXADEP test to its students,” says ETS representative for Latin America Annabelle Galera de Simpson. “The Universidad de los Andes joins many other excellent institutions of higher education in the Americas that find the assessment of great value in selecting students for undergraduate and graduate studies.”

Universidad de los Andes is an autonomous, independent institution founded in 1948 that promotes pluralism, diversity, dialog, debate, criticism, tolerance and respect for ideas, beliefs and values of its members.

Furthermore, it seeks academic excellence and provides students with critical and ethical education to strengthen their awareness about social and civic responsibilities, as well as their commitment to the analysis and solution of problems in the country.

To achieve this goal, it develops and implements cutting-edge methodologies in its teaching and research processes, aimed at helping students become the principal agent of their education and solve problems they face through creativity and responsibility. Likewise, to promote comprehensive education, it promotes the flexible interdisciplinary environment to integrate arts, science, technology and the humanities.

The Universidad de Los Andes has nine schools and offers 28 undergraduate programs, 32 graduate programs, 11 doctoral programs and has nearly 16,000 students.

Further information about the EXADEP exam is at www.ets.org/exadep.

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