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Victims’ families to sue over OJ Simpson ‘If I did it’ book

LOS ANGELES – The family of one of OJ Simpson’s alleged murder victims are to sue the disgraced sport star, lawyers said, claiming he profited from a now-scrapped book on the 1994 killings.

Simpson provoked an outcry last month after publishers announced plans for his book “If I Did It”, where he described how he would have carried out the murders of ex-wife Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman, if he had been the actual killer.

The 59-year-old was acquitted of the gruesome double-murder after a racially charged Los Angeles trial in 1995.

But he was later found liable for the slayings in a subsequent wrongful death lawsuit heard in civil courts.

Simpson, however, has yet to pay any of the 33.5 million dollar damages award made to the families of Simpson and Goldman the the civil case.

Publication of “If I Did It” — for which Simpson was reportedly to be paid several million dollars — was cancelled on the orders of News Corp media tycoon owner Rupert Murdoch following a wave of condemnation.

Judith Regan, the controversial publisher who had brokered the book deal for HarperCollins, a News Corp subsidiary, was fired last week.

Lawyers for Goldman’s parents say in the lawsuit due to be filed in Los Angeles Tuesday that Simpson tried to hide a one million dollar advance he received for the book.

The legal action is against Simpson and Lorraine Brooke Associates, which lawyer Jonathan Polak said was a shell company set up to conceal the payment. “Lorraine” and “Brooke” are the middle names of Simpson’s children, he said.

The lawsuit would also “likely result in additional defendants being named,” including News Corp, HarperCollins and Regan.

“I look forward to learning through this process who all worked with the killer to profit from the death of my son,” Fred Goldman said.

“We will not stop until we are able to shine the light of truth on those that acted in concert with him.”