<!--:es-->Western Union® Continues Its Commitment to the Hispanic Community Through Proyecto Raíces 
. . . Global Leader in Money Transfers Commemorates Hispanic Heritage with Lasting Legacy<!--:-->

Western Union® Continues Its Commitment to the Hispanic Community Through Proyecto Raíces . . . Global Leader in Money Transfers Commemorates Hispanic Heritage with Lasting Legacy

DALLAS, TX – Western Union, a leading provider of global money-transfer services, announced today the expansion of Proyecto Raíces, a community outreach program which celebrates and honors Hispanic roots. This second unveiling will take place here Thursday. Proyecto Raíces consists of the creative development, production, and installment of artistic murals in cities with rich cultural diversity throughout the nation, and is designed to unite local communities, connect a nation and inspire progress.

In support of the project, Western Union commissioned acclaimed artist Rudy Gutierrez to create the murals and raise awareness of the rich cultural heritage that exists within the Hispanic community. Through this initiative, Western Union continues to take an active role in developing closer ties with the diverse communities it serves.

“Western Union is committed to the Hispanic community. We provide a vital and highly valuable service to millions of people around the world who rely on us to transfer money to pay for things like rent, food, clothing and other necessities, and also wish to connect on a more emotional level with programs such as Proyecto Raíces,” said Juan Pablo Valdés, senior marketing director for Western Union.

In Dallas, Western Union and its Agent, El Rio Grande Supermercados, are working together to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. The campaign, which made its first mural unveiling in Homestead, Florida in June of this year, will continue its legacy. The unveiling ceremony will take place in Dallas on Thursday, October 23rd at 10 A.M. followed by a celebration with the general public. A future mural will also be erected in Los Angeles in the upcoming months.

“Through Proyecto Raíces in Dallas, we will leave a lasting legacy for this community, as we celebrate Hispanic culture,” concluded Valdes. “It will serve as an inspiration and reminder of the beauty and diversity of our culture for generations to come.”

Uniting Friends and Families: Inspiring Possibilities

As a part of this national program which embarks on its second unveiling, Proyecto Raíces in Dallas also commemorates the beginning of Western Union’s commitment to uniting families and friends during the holidays. As the nation draws near to the most important giving season of the year, Western Union showcases this beautiful mural for all residents of the City of Dallas.

“It is inspiring to see Western Union reaching out to the residents of our local community and celebrating the diversity within the Hispanic culture, while leaving a lasting reminder of its heritage,” said Tom Leppert, City of Dallas mayor.

Award-Winning Artist Contributes to Legacy

Once again, award-winning artist and illustrator Rudy Gutierrez and Western Union join forces to bring art to life with imagery that connotes inspiration and unity for the Hispanic community. A graduate of the renowned Pratt Institute in New York City, Rudy Gutierrez’s work has been featured nationally in publications such as The New York Times and People and abroad by organizations such as ANSA (Artists for a New South Africa).

“I am honored to work with Western Union to create this mural, as Western Union supports my passion to ensure that our culture not only thrives today, but that our community flourishes tomorrow. Proyecto Raíces is a reminder of where we came from, and where we can go as we continue contributing to this great country,” remarked Rudy Gutierrez.

In bright and bold colors, the mural depicts traditional Hispanic imagery with inscriptions of the words conectando, uniendo and inspirando — connecting, uniting and inspiring.

Note to Media: To RSVP for the press event, receive a press kit or arrange interviews with Rudy Gutierrez, artist; Juan Pablo Valdés, Western Union senior marketing director; or The City of Dallas representatives please contact Priscilla Polonio at ppolonio@jeffreygroup.com or 305-860-1000 x-181.

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