“What are the soldiers on the Border doing?”


Early this morning (Tuesday), I spent one hour ten minutes in line to cross from Mexico into the United States. Returning in midafternoon, I spent five minutes entering Mexico.
Neither time did I see a single American soldier. Where are they? Here at the busiest border crossing in the Western Hemisphere, perhaps in the world, not a single American soldier is present. Those that came when President Trump ordered them there, strung concertina barbed wire on the border which cost us far more than it would have if civilian contractors did the work.
When the infamous “caravan” from Honduras/Guatemala/El Salvador arrived in Tijuana in November, thousands of “caravaners” — the soldiers were not deployed to the actual border. They were unseen. When a gaggle of “caravaners” attempted to illegally cross the border on a November Sunday, It wasn’t soldiers that fended them off, it was regular Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers and California Highway Patrolmen, San Diego Sheriff Deputies and San Diego city police.
So why are 3,000 more Army and Marine troops being sent to the border while the original contingent is still there, somewhere? What will these new troops do?
By law they may not arrest people crossing the border. Federal laws prohibit soldiers from enforcing civilian laws.

So what do they do?

They string barbed wire. They sweep floors in Border Patrol offices; they empty trash; they wash Border Patrol vehicles, they answer phones. They do not patrol fenced borders.

So why are they
on the border?

Only the “Shadow” knows. Or, perhaps only Trump’s intimate staffer knows; Stephen Miller, the man behind Trump’s virulent views about immigrants of any sort but of Mexicans and Latin American’s in particular; Stephen Miller who real men laughed at when he appeared on television with spray painted “hair” on his balding skull; Stephen Miller, the penultimate “White Nationalist” that has served in the /white House, ever.
Unfortunately, Miller is exempt from testifying to congress because he and President Trump would claim “executive privilege” which would be proper and legal.
We will have to wait until he no longer works for President Trump, when he is attempting to succeed on the rubber chicken circuit, when he must answer questions before he cashes checks paid by local service clubs for his views on immigration and race.
Until then we will have to settle with the knowledge that his own Eastern European Jewish immigrant grandparents would not be allowed to immigrate to the U.S. if Miller’s immigration scheme ever becomes law.
We will have to disagree and contest a spray-painted philosophy about immigrants in which new ones from “s—hole” countries, Muslims, or Roman Catholic Latin Americans are unwanted in the new America of the Duke University-educated self-hating Jew, Stephen Miller and his benefactor, the President of the United States.