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Andres Ruzo un orgullo hispano en el Metroplex!

Burn in Peru and came to the US to pursue a career in Engineering

Andres Ruzo was born in 1961 in Lima, Peru. He came to the United States in 1980 to pursue a career in Engineering at Texas A&M University. He graduated in 1983 with a B.S. in Science and Engineering. He moved to Houston and started his entrepreneurial career buying an ownership position into Sabwor International, Inc. an exploration oil company, operating in a Honduran drilling and exploration concession. He continued his studies at night school and successfully completed 2 years of MBA studies at the University of St. Thomas at Houston.

In 1985, he created a nonprofit foundation 501-C3, to help orphans and children victims of terrorist activities in the Andean Region of Ayacucho, Peru. He devoted 4 years developing this initiative organizing missions to Ayacucho; with clothes, food and toy shipments to the orphans homes. He founded the first foster parent program – “Padres a la Distancia” (Distant Parents) to secure recurring monthly revenue to the orphan cause.

With the support of many committed Houstonians that contributed to this initiative, they were able to build 3 homes, implement programs and provide education to over 300 orphans in the middle of the Andean region of Peru. (Casas Hogar Juan Pablo II – Tambo, Sivia, Huacapi).

In 1986 he participated as a partner in a new venture called Southern Brokers International, Inc., where he spent many months traveling in South and Central America buying contracts for fresh perishables and frozen foods and selling it to Europe. In late 1987, he started his own company Sinpar Trading, Inc. This business specialized in selling South American’s fresh fruits and vegetables during the winter months to the northern hemisphere, Europe and Canada. He exported thousands of tons of perishables via air and sea to Europe during a 5-6 month winter window.

In 1988 he started Houston International Real Estate Exchange – HIRE. He got his Real Estate Broker license to sell residential and commercial properties during the summer and fall, making this a good mix with the seasonal perishable export business.

In1990, Andres Ruzo began looking for a business opportunity that would offer large ticket items, repetitive sales and limited competition. He provided Marketing Consulting Services to the Telecom industry and started focusing his efforts in Technology and Telecommunications.

In1992, he moved to Dallas, the Capital of Telecommunications, to develop opportunities for refurbished telecom products and services in the USA domestic and Latin American Markets.

In 1994, he started Link America, a technology company to refurbish and upgrade large switching systems for the telephone companies – LEC (Local Exchange Carrier.). His primary goal was to “Close the Telecommunications Loop” by providing quality products, quick deliveries and competitive pricing to the phone companies. Creating a niche that competed with the “OEM” at a fraction of the cost.

With his experience, guidance, and novel ideas, he has created new sales programs and expanded his company’s line of services and installation of complete switches, Voice Over IP equipment with superb customer service and customer satisfaction. By giving its customers faster service and prices that are up to half of the original manufacturers’ prices, Link America became a strong presence in the secondary market and a respected telecommunications company.

In 1996 he started Americas Exchange, Inc., dba IPTEL, a internet infrastructure integrator and hi-speed ISP focused on providing low cost voice over IP – VOIP long distance calls with Mexico. In 1998 he sold the business to a group of Mexican investors.

During 1999 he focused on providing quality standards for Link America’s growth. He has been able to move his company to the next level, obtaining ISO 9000 – 2000 Quality Assurance Certification and by providing “end of life” support to large imbedded bases of access and optical equipment currently utilized in Verizon’s network. During January 2001, Link America and Siemens reached an agreement to buy the Siemens transmission product line “CPG”. With revenues exceeding $ 10 Million per year. This strategic alliance with key players in the manufacturing, assembly and transport global markets has allowed Link America a path to success.

Starting in March of 2001, Telecom market conditions took a dive and became stagnant with limited activity in the market place for the following 3 years. Ruzo immediately started diversifying his business and customer base to survive the crisis. Currently, his business is starting to grow with large contracts in Services – EF&I for OSP Fiber to the premise and a CAD engineering division for FTTP. He has expanded the manufacturing facility to include customers from several different industries, including medical, aerospace, and transportation within others. He has also expanded his services to the wireless sector, providing Wireless, WIFI and WIMAX solutions to school districts, cities and municipalities.

Mr. Ruzo and his beautiful wife Ana have been married for 20 years and have 4 wonderful children. He enjoys Squash, fishing, golfing and has been very active in several organizations including the World Entrepreneurs Organization (WEO) and LEGATUS (Catholic CEOs and President’s organization). He has served on the Board of Directors of the Dallas Catholic Charities and has also served as Chairman of the Board of the Greater Dallas Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. He also participates in many other Boards as outlined in his Leadership and Community involvement included in this document. He is actively working and assisting Father Marcos Dessi with a Nicaraguan non-profit foundation created to help the “Children of the Dump”, by providing food and education to more than 1,600 children. He is a visionary and a doer. His positive attitude and faith in the future allows him to build great opportunities for his family, his company and his community. He is well respected among his colleagues and peers.

Leadership and Community:

Advisory Board – St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Night of Hope

Past Chair/Advisor Position – GDHCC Board of Directors (2005)

Immediate Past Chairman GDHCC –Executive Committee (2004)

Chairman of the Board, GDHC (2003)

Chair Elect (2002)

Vice Chair (2001)

Technology Committee Chair and founder (2000)

Founder – Exec Committee, NTLLC (2003-2004)

Founder – Board of Directors, HLI (2003-2005)

Founder – President, LULAC Chapter 113 (2003-2005)

Board of Directors, North Texas Commission (2002-2005)

Board of Directors, Dallas Together Forum (2002-2004)

Board of Directors, Catholic Charities (1999-2002)

Board of Directors, DHCCF (2001-2003)

Chairman, Ursuline Academy – Freshman Class (2003-2004)

Member, Dallas Citizens Council (2002-2003)

Member, Finance Committee, City of Dallas Bond Campaign (2003)

Member, D/FW Minority Business Development Council (1999-2004)

Member, Dallas Assembly (2002-2005)

Member, Dallas Chapter of LULAC 100 (2003)

Member, United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (1998-2004)

Member YEO, Young Entrepreneur Organization (1998-2005)

Member WEO, World Entrepreneur Organization (2002-2005)

Member, Legatus – Catholic CEOs organization (1998-2001)

Membership Chair, Legatus – Catholic CEOs organization (2000)

Member, National Society of Hispanic MBAs (1996-2004)

Member, Society of Industrial Engineers (1982-1995)

Member Toastmasters – (1992-1995)

Member, Rotary International Houston Chapter (1986-1990)

Founder, Dallas Chapter “Angels of the Dump” foundation (1998-2004)

Founder – Chairman; Help Ayacucho 1985 Foundation (1985-1990)

Founder – Chairman; PSA @ TAMU (1981-1984)

Speaking Engagements:

Key note speaker for Latin-American Internet Development @ COMDEX 1998

Key note speaker for EDS – HERO presentation Hispanic Business Trends 2003

Key note speaker for Alcatel – Hispanic Heritage month 2003

Panelist for DFWMBDC – Surviving the hard knocks

Press Recognition:

GTE 1998 – MBE Gold Nugget Award

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Valiente Latino Magazine – Dallas Technology Corridor Showcase Feb 2001

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