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California-based Marines reflect on recent combat operations in Fallujah

CAMP KOREAN VILLAGE, Iraq – After more than a month of living out of armored vehicles and combating insurgents daily near Fallujah, nearly 100 U.S. Marines recently returned to this region in western Al Anbar Province to continue security and stability operations.

After months of life “on the road” throughout Fallujah, Marines from the Twenty-nine Palms, Calif.-based Company D, 3rd Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, have returned to western Iraq to help their parent battalion maintain security and stability.

“This is a lot quieter area than what we came from – everyday we were guaranteed something would happen ,” said Pfc. Nathan D. Wagner, a 22-year-old team leader with Company D.

Nearly two weeks back at their base in this wide, rural desert region of Al Anbar, the Marines spent days on the move in and around Fallujah, a city of approximately 200,000 which was the site of major combat operations between Coalition Forces and insurgents in November 2004.

By Cpl. Graham A. Paulsgrove

Combat Correspondent

3rd Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion