City of Dallas to Begin Issuing Red Light Camera Citations

On Monday, January 15, 2007, the warning phase of the City of Dallas ’ newest safety program, “SafeLight, Dallas Stops on Red!” will conclude. “SafeLight, Dallas Stops on Red!” is the City’s photo traffic safety system which is in the process of being installed at selected intersections as part of a new initiative designed to increase public safety and reduce the number of collisions caused by motorists running red lights. Since the program began in Dallas on December 8, 2006, 1305 warnings have been issued to violators.

On Monday, the City of Dallas will begin issuing citations, which carry a fine of $75.00 for the first and second violation, then $150.00 for a third violation within a 12-month period. No point or insurance implications are tied to red light camera violations.

The system operates as follows:

Radar detection equipment monitors traffic. When the signal turns red, the camera system is activated by any vehicle illegally running a red-light.

Two pictures are taken by the cameras. The first picture shows that the front of the vehicle is not yet into the intersection while the light has already turned red. The second picture then shows the vehicle continuing through the intersection and includes the license plate.

The camera records the date, time of day and time elapsed since the beginning of the red signal.

Those who enter the intersection prior to the light turning red, but who, for whatever reason, are trapped in the intersection when the light changes, do not trigger the camera and will not receive a citation.

Since beginning the program on December 8, 2006, ten intersections are currently being monitored:

Abrams Road & Forest Lane

Camp Wisdom Road

& Westmoreland Road

Fitzhugh Avenue

& Gaston Avenue

Commerce Street

& Central Expressway

Miller Road & Plano Road

Tyler Street

&.Jefferson Boulevard

Lemmon Avenue

& Mockingbird Lane

Marsh Lane & Frankford Road

Beckley Avenue

& Colorado Boulevard

Ferguson Road

& Gus Thomason Road

Fifty additional monitored intersections will be activated by May 1, 2007.

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