City-owned parking lots in the West End now accept credit cards

DALLAS, July 7, 2006—Drivers who park in the City of Dallas parking lots under the Woodall Rogers Freeway in the West End can now pay for parking using their MasterCard and Visa credit cards. The three City-owned lots at 700 McKinney, 1000 McKinney, and 900 McKinney now have six new kiosk pay stations installed.

“The process is convenient, and very simple,” says City Public Works & Transportation director, David Dybala.

Visitors park in a numbered space, and then go to the nearest kiosk to enter their parking space number. Once the number is entered, the machine shows how much money is due. The visitor then chooses whether to pay using coins, paper currency, or credit card.”

Parking fees for each of the three lots has not changed. Between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m., fees for lots at 700 McKinney and 1000 McKinney are $2.00. After 6 p.m. the fee is $5.00. Parking in the lot at 900 McKinney costs $ 0.60 an hour. For the lot at 900 McKinney, visitors would have to enter into the kiosk the amount of time they wished to remain in the parking lot before depositing the fees accordingly.

The six parking kiosks cost about $11,000 each and were paid for from parking revenue. The units were installed by the City’s parking contractor, ACS State and Local Solutions. The credit card parking payments are accepted over a secure, wireless system and the kiosk issues receipts for all transactions. Exact fees are required since the units do not dispense change.

The City also plans to install the parking kiosks at City-owned parking lots in nearby Deep Ellum.