DFW Sports MIX

When Cowboys Coach Bill Parcells was spotted with superagent Drew Rosenhaus (he represents Terrell Owens), at the time we did not think of it much.

Well, things can escalate in a hurry in sports. On the same day the Philadelphia Eagles released T.O., the Cowboys said good bye to Keyshawn Johnson. Adding more fuel to the T.O. coming to Dallas rumors. Well, rumor became reality. Terrell is a Cowboys. Cowboys fans are spilt over the move. Why bring a locker room cancer to Valley Ranch? Well, Jerry Jones want to win a Super Bowl, and at all cost. The theory is this, a high profile player to a high profile team like the Pokes equals money and exposure. Safe to say, the Pokes will get all that and more with T.O.

So the debate begins, will Terrell Owens help theCowboys in their quest for a 6 Super Bowl title, and be more of a team player along the way? And can he and QB Drew Bledsoe get along without any blow ups that T.O. is known for with starting QB’s? And can coach Bill Parcells tame the wild wide receiver who for years has tormented the Pokes? The answers unfold in the beginning of a three year deal. A nervous 3 years for everyone committed to the Cowboys.